Bears Release Benson

Cedric Benson’s Chicago Bears career ended today much as I thought it would when the Chicago Bears drafted him fourth overall in 2005. Not with Benson performing like a Neal Anderson, but with him performing for three years more like Rashaan Salaam or Curtis Enis. Good riddance to another wasted draft pick.

What happened to Jerry Angelo drafting players based on their floor rather than their ceiling. Is that cliche’ of Angelo’s dead?

2 Responses to “Bears Release Benson”

  1. Good riddance. Hey Cedric don’t let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya.

  2. The release of Cedric Benson is the beginning of putting the plaster on the cracks of the Bears offense. This unit is brutal, plain and simple.

    The idea of drafting Benson was at the time the right thing to do-if Jerry Angelo was going to make a move for a premier wide receiver or younger offensive linemen at the time. That was the only obvious problem as Angelo proved that he can build a defense even after the release of Rosey Colvin and the aging Ted Washington (who both went on to win titles with the Patriots). I admit, I thought Benson was going to be a standout back, but the problems, and the clock, began when Benson held out for a signing bonus. I don’t know why Angelo got forced into signing him for that much, but it set the organization back a long way on player negotiations. The Bears are going to have to start paying players until guys on this unit get released or retire. Urlacher will most definitely get a restructured deal to include another signing bonus, Tommie Harris the same, and Hester will get an extension. Locking up Nathan Vasher, Charles Tillman, and Lance Briggs helps to alleviate this situation. Good to see there are a couple of guys smart enough to figure out the business on the field handles the contracts.

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