Bears-Ravens Trade that Wasn’t

I wondered like everyone else what was going on when the 2011 NFL Draft came to a virtual standstill as the Baltimore Ravens were on the clock.  About five minutes after the clock showed the Kansas City Chiefs shipping the Ravens, NFL Network announced that the Bears were talking to Baltimore about trading up three spots but a deal couldn’t be done.

Luckily for the Chiefs, Bears and Ravens, it seems all three teams got the player they wanted, without anyone making a trade.

I wondered if the Bears were trading up for a player other than Carimi.  According to Brad Biggs of the Chicago Tribune, the Bears were indeed trying to bypass Kansas City for the rights to Carimi.  But the Chiefs took Pitt WR Jon Baldwin, thank God, because many thought they wouldn’t be able to pass on our guy.  And I’m sure that Baltimore wanted CB Jimmy Smith all along.  So thankfully it worked out, and the Bears didn’t have to give anything up to get their guy.

On his Twitter feed, Biggs indicates that Bears GM Jerry Angelo seemed frustrated in tonight’s press conference and took the blame for what happened.  I haven’t had the chance to see the comments but look forward to doing so.

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