Bears QB, WR, So Much Hate!

I think that since the Bears finally look to have solved their 59-year quarterback drought (I know, I say this even before Jay Cutler has taken a snap in Chicago), we’ve now become the landing pad for bad receiver jokes.

This comes a few weeks after The Onion parodied Chicago Bears Receivers.  Now, ProFootballTalk wonders if 48 year old Willie Gault should be re-signed by the Bears.

Sad thing is, I can’t help laughing at or disagreeing with their last line.  Priceless.  So we are that pathetic at the position after all.

2 Responses to “Bears QB, WR, So Much Hate!”

  1. after this year i may agree with you roy. after this year the wideouts will not have any excuses. now they have the D, the have the QB, the O-line got more depth. this is the year to put up or shut up. so about 4 weeks into the season i think we will know if they are good or they are a bunch of clownshoes

  2. First pics of Cutler in a Bears uniform!! Hooray!

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