Bears Potentially Signing Kevin Jones

Despite Bears coach Lovie Smith’s insistence that his team is “set at running back,” free agent Kevin Jones’ agent claims that either the Bears or the Pittsburgh Steelers will be signing his client today.

Interesting, and we’ll see what happens. I personally would be eager to see the Bears sign the former Lion first-round pick. But signing Jones will mean cutting either Adrian Peterson or Garrett Wolfe. It would be a shame to release the speedy Wolfe just one year after investing a third-round pick on him.

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  1. What can you do? Kevin Jones is more than convinced that his knee is better than 100%. If it is he gives us a serious tandem again and takes pressure off of Matt Forte. Adrian Peterson is not a viable back up, but Garrett Wolfe will be the one let go because of Lovie’s intense love for utility men, and Adrian’s superior presence on Special Teams. It is a shame that Garrett will not get a serious chance to be a gamer. I love watching people excel past their size. If we do pull the trigger on this deal, it will be one of the best ideas that management has had in a long time. Make up for a mistake on one Jones by adding another? I hope we find out.

  2. Why I’m a Bears fan in ten words or less:
    George Stanley Halas
    Brian’s Song
    Soldier Field

  3. Why do you have to release Wolfe in order to sign Jones? Lots of teams carry 4 running backs.

    In fact, given how much the Bears do run, and how much Wolfe and Peterson (especially) contribute on special teams, I think keeping 4 running backs would be worth trying.

  4. That’s just it Wolfe is on special teams because he has to be as the third option, but that doesn’t mean he holds his weight. He is not cut yet, but he will be fighting for a roster spot on a team that doesn’t have a lot of space available with the tremendous depth that they have in some positions on defense, and the face that we have like 90 wide receivers trying to get on the team.

  5. I understand Y we cant keep wolf cuz we have no depth in all of the other position … think about it we have to rely on our d … and we cant trust mike brown… we also need more wide r… and thats all i can say……

  6. The Bears obviously need to do something at running back, a second round rookie can not carry the load (although I’m already convinced he’ll do better than Benson)and Wolfe is not big enough. So the Bears need to do something.

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