Bears Offense: Take it From Scouts

This is definitely taken from the “tell us something we don’t know file,” but regardless I still found my mouth agape when I read this information from the Green Bay Press Gazette through Steve Rosenbloom’s blog.

Before anyone says I shouldn’t be trusting a Green Bay paper or paying attention to anything they say, I have to say that I believe this.  They claim to have talked to NFL scouts for their take on the Bears.  Were the Bears and Packers on an even level and I was full of positive fire, I might say I think the Gazette should go stick it.  But face it-the Packers have turned themselves around nicely, and the Bears have made by far stupid moves in the last three years, digging themselves a hole.  Unfortunately I’m angry about this and I just can’t be unabashedly pro-Bears these days.

Anyway, here’s what the scouts/coaches have to say:

The offensive line is a mess.

Matt Forte has regressed.

Orlando Pace is done, Olin Kreutz is close to being done, Roberto Garza is heading in that direction.  (Could we have expected more from a guy with no knee cartlidge left that turned in 3 or 4 strong seasons)?

Jay Cutler has talent galore, but not the personnel around him to be successful.

And saving the best for last, on Gaines Adams.  “I was expecting to see a guy that doesn’t try, because I knew (the Bucs) were trying pretty hard to get rid of him. But that’s not it at all. He plays with pretty good effort, he jumps off the ball, he’s got long arms, he can get around the edge. But he never makes any plays.”

So frankly, Adams just plain stinks.  Tampa was itching to get rid of him, and found a sucker in Jerry Angelo to take him.

So many positives these days.

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  1. It’s funny because it’a all true. I think Forte is worse because of a nagging hamstring injury from camp, and I think he’ll talk about it in camp next year. Just a hunch.

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