Bears Move up in Rankings

As many of you have correctly pointed out, in their attempt to justify their continued love of the Green Bay Packers as Super Bowl 45 champs, the national media is having a hard time acknowledging that the Bears did indeed defeat their rivals.  I personally am also dealing with those that think the Bears don’t deserve their 3-0 record and place atop the NFC.  It seems they think there should be a permanent asterisk placed next to this game, indicating that the Bears didn’t win the game but Green Bay lost it.

I like what had to say in elevating the Bears rank from #16 to #8.  “The only stat that ever matters is points scored versus points allowed.”

Thank you, and take that you nation of Packer apologists!

2 Responses to “Bears Move up in Rankings”

  1. lol..we have two wins over teams that the national media says those teams lost and the Bears didnt win. If thats the case, this may go on all year…

    People seem to forget that while the score of the Cowboys-Bears game was 27-20, it seemingly was further than that in points…The Bears only allowed 13 points on defense as one score was a punt return. They really limited that Dallas offense.

    I would like to get a dominating win at some point here. If the Giants are still dysfunctional that may happen here, but not guaranteed. I think this Giants game will be a good game again. After that our schedule gets a little bit easier.

  2. Man, I hope the national media keeps giving the Bears crap, it always works to motivate this team (at least the defense). The 13-3 team from 2001 felt like the worst 13-3 team to ever play in the NFL, but this year’s team is different, this feels like a good team. I guess time will tell, but watch out NYG, Cutler is coming to tear apart your town.

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