Bears Lose Homegrown Talent

I’m trying to think-seriously-when was the last time the Bears drafted and developed a solid offensive lineman? Before Lance Louis, that is. 2001 pick Mike Gandy? He was solid but not a star. Before that, Rex Tucker, who was oft-injured. Then before that, you have to go all the way back to Olin Kreutz.

Just think of that, every guard and tackle that has played for the Bears from 1998-2012 was acquired from another team. (Not counting Chris Villarial, who was drafted in 1996 and played solidly until 2003).

That’s a shame and embarrassing. And now it’s unfortunate that the one offensive lineman they drafted and was just becoming solid, they have lost. The aforementioned Louis signed with the Miami Dolphins yesterday.

It’s a shame, but I understand that a team can’t add pieces such as Jermon Bushrod and Martellus Bennett and still have cap room for guys like Louis. I’m sure the hope is that Gabe Carimi and James Brown will develop at guard. And perhaps an elite guard will fall in the draft, the Bears will take one later in the draft, or a veteran cap casualty will be available before the season begins.

4 Responses to “Bears Lose Homegrown Talent”

  1. Im dissapointed with this news as Louis was one of the Bears better linemen (granted that isn’t saying much) and I was hoping he’d be resigned. It just seems we took two steps forward signing Bushrod but have now took one step back losing Lance.

  2. very disappointed also. improving every year, shame he couldn’t be kept. I was hoping he’d be one of the building blocks in the offensive line for the future.

  3. I was disappointed too, but apparently we just signed the Jets’ 3-year starter at left guard. So, maybe this will work out.

    Still would love to see Chance Warmack drop to the Bears in the draft.

  4. Bears need draft 4 players on draft on O-line. Like they did in 1983 draft.

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