Bears Insider September 2010

Interesting that hours after questioning Jerry Angelo’s drafting over the last nine years, I was 20 feet away from him at the Bears Insider event at Halas Hall Monday night.  I am quick to criticize the Bears organization when they deserve it-and they often do-but I have to say I commend them for inviting around 1,000 season ticket holders to the Walter Payton Center.

I had to go just to be able to say I’d been on their campus, but the 90-minute presentation was boilerplate Bears.  Lovie Smith and Angelo in lockstep talking up their players and systems, Ted Phillips defiantly challenging anyone that has questioned anything that has happened on his watch.  This is standard stuff when it comes to the Bears, and I didn’t expect anything different.  But I am finding that as I age, my tolerance for hearing “Bears speak” from the organization is diminishing.

But again, I do appreciate the organization inviting me.

One day to football, four days to Bears football.  Can’t believe it.  I’ll have thoughts on the Vikings tomorrow, and on the Bears Friday.



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