Bears in Pads Today

A roundup of stories appearing today…

Brad Biggs of the Sun-Times was busy yesterday. One of his stories states the importance of camp battles at the offensive line positions.

The Sun-Times contacted Brian Mitchell, holder of NFL return records that Devin Hester is close to breaking, and asked him about Hester’s situation. Of course Mitchell, always outspoken as a player, backs Hester in his quest to get as much dough as possible.

Chicago still has an interest in Buccaneer quarterback Chris Simms. I’m not sure why; Simms has not proven he can’t play without the spleen he lost in 2006.

Mike Mulligan says Devin Hester is calling the shots, not his agent. Yeah, yeah.

Nathan Vasher asked to comment on Hester, given that Vasher spent a little time skipping team activities in the past.

Chicago Tribune’s minute-by-minute camp log for those with a lot of time on their hands.

A report on Chris Williams’ back issue that took him out of practice. Seems to be minor; let’s keep our fingers crossed on that.

One last update on Hester’s status, if you haven’t had enough already.

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