Bears Home Stretch, or Home Limp

Today in the Chicago Tribune, Vaughn McClure dissects, but does not predict, the Bears’ final seven games.  To me there isn’t much dissection needed.  From what we’ve seen in the first nine games, no way do the Bears win more than two (Rams and Lions).  And at this point, it’s not a slam dunk that they win either of those, as the Bears are reeling while even those teams are at the beginning of improving under new regimes.

Looking at the Lions and Rams is also like looking at where the Bears will be at in 2011 under a new coaching staff.  If that’s not a feel-good statement for a Monday I don’t know what is!  (That was sarcasm).

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  1. Come on, Roy! Save the doom and gloom for other sites! We are one game under .500 with seven left to be played. I understand that we have a tough stretch coming up, but let’s wait and see what happens. On that note, fire Ron Turner. You have to be able to score more points on the 49ers than that.

  2. Yeah! They will suprise us against at least ONE team that we have no business winning. Next year we may see brandon marshall or TO. Shannahan might make an appearance …. Let’s wait and see!

  3. @Higgins, you got me. You know I love the Bears, but in a season of expectations then disappointment, I get sunk like everyone else I guess.

  4. What ticks me off about Lovvveeee (just one of many things)is that his obsession with turnovers has the defense trying to strip the ball on every single play, which results in them missing tons of tackles. Plus, I have a question–every time they show him on camera, he’s looking up into the sky with a dazed look on his face. Is he expecting the Goodyear blimp to fall on him? Maybe he should watch the game!!!

  5. @Roy The Bears have given us no reason to be optimistic, I don’t blame you. I’m not giving up on the Bears yet this year, but it doesn’t look good. They seem to have some good parts, but it’s like they’re all playing for a different team.

  6. 4-5. The wildcard leader is 5-4 right now. I don’t want to make predictions, but recently we have beat the crap out of the Eagles.

  7. The Bears ain’t quite done yet.
    They are a cornered animal.
    One thing about animals when they are cornered. They are dangerous.

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