Bears Hold STH Conference Call

Last night, the Bears held their first “interactive season ticket holder conference call.”  Lo and behold, Jeff Joniak did call me as promised, but with a wife and kids to take care of, the previous evening found me enjoying the fleeting moments of having small kids before they grow up.  So Jeff had to be satisfied with just leaving me a message.

Anyway, the call is briefly covered at  I’m sure that the call’s featured attraction, Brian Urlacher, had plenty of realistic comments for the fans.

Just wondering, but while searching on to see if the call was written up (it wasn’t), I found a story claiming that the “Bears secondary is playing well this offseason.”  Can anyone tell me how they can be playing well during the offseason?  Maybe it’s me.

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  1. They have yet to give up a TD this offseason to any other team. So that’s good news.

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