Bears Hire Former Nemesis Tice

The Chicago Bears hired former Minnesota Viking Head Coach Mike Tice to be their offensive line coach on Friday.

Far be it from me to judge the strangeness of the things the Bears do, as the Jerry Angelo/Lovie Smith Bears seem to abound in doing things the strange way.  How, you ask?  Not retaining the defensive coordinator of the 2nd and 5th ranked defenses in successive years, replacing him with a cronie who didn’t perform, then the head coach calling plays for the defensive coordinator that was really the linebackers coach as three examples, but I digress.

My point is, I can’t remember a time where an organization would hire the top offensive assistant before it hired the offensive coordinator.  Usually the coordinator wants to hire his own staff, suited to run his own system.

Kind of like the Cleveland Browns hiring a head coach before it hired the general manager, which happened in 2009.  And we saw how that worked out (one and done).

I have a feeling Smith, and hopefully Angelo, will be one and done in 2010.  I actually hope it doesn’t happen.  But unfortunately I have a feeling that it will.

Actually Tice seems like he will be a great offensive line coach, and I hope this works out better than Smith’s hiring of Rod Marinelli to work miracles on the defensive line in 2009, which didn’t work out if we’ll remember.

And I still have a feeling that Tice was hired to be the fallback in case no other legitimate coordinator will take the Bears job.

And in case you didn’t hear, it’s being speculated that if no one wants the defensive coordinator job, Marinelli could still be promoted.

Good times abound.

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  1. I happen to like the hire of Mike Tice. Tice is a quality hire and I don’t think this will be a problem for potential Bears OC candidates given the circumstance. It may be unusual but the Bears are in an unusual situation and I think that when the dust settles this team will be in decent shape as far as coaching goes. My main concern heading into next year is the draft and possible free agency signings. I hope the new coaching input will help JA and LS be more realistic as far as team needs are concerned. God forbid we don’t find quality in FA this year. T

  2. Horrible news, Bears Defensive lineman died this morning.

  3. Its being reported Gaines Adam was pronounced dead this morning.

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