Bears Hating on WGN

Oddly I happened to catch a conversation between host David Kaplan, an unabashed Chicago sports fan, and Yahoo Sports writer Charles Robinson on WGN last night.  Kaplan says he’s a huge fan of Robinson and has him on the show every chance he gets.

Kaplan opened up by asking Robinson what he thought the Vegas line on over/under number of wins for the Bears in 2009 is.  Robinson confidently answered “7″.  My mouth dropped, then dropped further when Kaplan stated the latest line is 8.5.

I find this hard to believe that the Vegas oddsmakers actually think the Bears will probably only win 8 or 9 games in 2009.  But Robinson certainly doesn’t.  He spent at least 20 minutes with Kaplan picking apart the Bears and laying his case for a very disappointing season.  “Clearly they will be the most disappointing team in the NFL,” he said.  Robinson doesn’t believe the defense will return to dominance, that Tommie Harris is capable of playing at a high level again, or that the acquisition of Jay Cutler is enough to offset all the negatives with the Bears.

Local guy Kaplan tried to joust with Robinson about it, but ended up saying “Vegas knows what they’re doing, and if they think this then the Bears will probably disappoint.”  (Note to Kap, I’m quite sure that Vegas has been wrong in the past.)

Wow, I was roasted publically for thinking the Bears would only win 7 games last year.  What does everyone think about this guy’s opinion?  Personally I see no way the Bears win 7 games, unless half the team including Cutler go down early in the season.

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  1. It really depends on how they start. If they drop a tough one to the Pack first game, then have Pittsburgh after that, who knows how they’ll react. If you asked me what I think their record will be without thinking of matchups, etc…I’d say 10-6.

  2. The thing is, no one knows a damn thing about the NFL anymore. The Bears were suposed to have the worst offense in the history of football last year. They scored 375 points and none of those points came on a Devin Hester touchdown. The Giants and the Panthers are the only two Super Bowl caliber teams in the NFC. Opps!
    AS for the Bears, once again, it all depends. Mirrenalli is a fine Dline coach, but he isnt’t a miracle worker. If the line talks more than they produce, then we will be in trouble. If it improves, we will be in good shape. That’s where my focus is. Footbal starts up front.

    On another note, I can’t stand Kaplan… He’s a horrible host for CTL. I miss Jiggets so much.

  3. Anyone that thinks this bears team with a better qb and a healthy roster most of of the year not winning more than 7 8 games should b drug tested. This team is goin to shut the mouths of all the matt sherlefts kaplans robinsons and everyone in denver for good. A D like this that wont have to live on the feild anymore and a very good play maker at qb taking even more pressure off forte 11 games and the playoffs.Superbowl maybe not but hey didnt we go in 06 07 with a suspect Rex at the helm.Denver went 8-8 and our D is better and our off has a superior run game 2 very good te and im bettin the farm that are what they call bad reciever core will dominate more than a few games this year.

  4. 10-6 Anytyhing less is unacceptable and 10-6 is only just above that line. We upgraded at quarterback, offensive line, defensive line, and middle linebacker. Yes, middle linebacker, because if you cut through all the bs and listen to what’s coming out of camp this year, it bodes very well for Mr. Brian Urlacher’s return to form. What they are saying and not too subtly is that last year Lach wansn’t up to speed due to lack of conditioning because of rehabilitation. Not to mention, what I have said repeatedly on this blog, that a better d-line = a better Urlacher. You get a better pass rush which means you don’t have to drop the middle linebacker 30 yards back because you blitzed two safeties to try and get a sack. Marinelli will get these guys back to powerhouse form. I am sure of it, and if you look at what we did last year against a much tougher schedule. We played eventual playoff teams in Tennessee, Indianapolis, Carolina, Philadelphia, Atlanta, and Minnesota. The real problem is that we went 3-4 against those playoff teams. If you don’t think we will do better playing the NFC West this year instead of the South, you are crazy. Yes, we play the Steelers and the Ravens, who I hope we split with, but that means we also get to play the Browns and Bengals. Here’s looking to a great 2009 and hopefully into 2010.

  5. Good to see you back from your sabatical, Higgins :).

  6. I was job hunting. Recessions suck my balls, :). Good to be back though, and more upbeat then even I usually am. I plan on being back and blogging even harder now that the Bears have a solidified offense. What I need to see is some D-Line getting to the ball! Go Bears!!!

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