Bears Free Agency Recap: Day Three

I haven’t had the chance even in my own mind to run through everything the Bears have done in the first three days of free agency, so here’s a recap.

First, the Bears traded for Dolphins WR Brandon Marshall. They we find out Marshall had “slugged” a woman just two days prior. Great. Marshall has posted five straight 1,000 yard receiving seasons, and the Bears haven’t had a single one since 2002. Now if only he can keep from getting suspended for much of the 2012 season.

Jason Campbell, last the starting quarterback in Oakland, signed a one-year deal to become Jay Cutler‘s backup. Incumbent backup Josh McCown was also re-signed.

The Bears re-signed their own players in CB Tim Jennings and TE Kellen Davis, both to two-year deals.

Special teams players Blake Costanzo (LB, 49ers) and Eric Weems (WR, Atlanta), were also more minor signings. Weems will be the team’s fifth receiver and can also return kicks.

In for visits have been Raiders RB Michael Bush, G Anthony Herrera and CB Kelvin Hayden, but no further signings have been made as of Thursday. Today, Bears General Manager Phil Emery said the team is currently taking a breath.

The Bears were rumored on Monday night to be the favorite team to land DE Mario Williams, this year’s big catch in free agency. Williams has since signed with the Buffalo Bills.

I do trust (but still hope) the Bears have a plan here. Getting a defensive end not named Israel Idonije is still a huge priority. It has been reported that Jeremy Mincey was all but signed by the Bears before he made the last-minute decision to stay in Jacksonville. So Chicago still must find a quality player there. They also must get one more corner since they only have three currently on the roster.

And according to Emery in his press conference, the Bears won’t be looking to add a new starting offensive lineman, meaning we’re probably stuck with J’Marcus Webb at the critical left tackle spot for another year.

3 Responses to “Bears Free Agency Recap: Day Three”

  1. Agreed on pass rusher being a need. Maybe Mercilus from U of I at #19??

  2. I don’t necessarily agree that DE is a need per se. Certainly it is an area which can be improved, and I would like to see that. But the defense is still effective with Idonije on the other side of Peppers. I think it’s more important just to get young impact players on that defense, regardless of the specific positions they are playing. That’s what was great about Williams and Mincey–they played an important position AND would give the defense someone they could rely on in the future. I wouldn’t want to go hard after a 32-year-old defensive end just because he’s better than Idonije; I’d rather get a young impact FS or LB, for example.

    So given that, I think I’d like to see the DE position addressed through the draft rather than the available free agents left (no good young DEs come to mind). Not that I think they have to take a DE–I’d rather see them go after the BPA. With the signing of Marshall, I don’t feel like there are any major holes that the team NEEDS* to fill right now, so they should look for the guys that are going to carry this team for the next 5-10 years.

    *With the slight exception of OL, but after the last few years I’m wary of throwing more rookies at the line problem.

  3. While the bears have done an “unbearlike thing” by signing a guy like marshall (and kudos to them!!!), the offensive line needs to be addressed through free agency! I do not care how awesome cutler and marshall are because without someone to protect cuter, marshall will not be catching the ball as much as he should!! how many times has cutler been sacked over the last couple of years??? and who knows what carimi’s knee is going to be like? too many question marks with carimi and williams and webb. go out and be “unbearlike” again and shore up our O line!!

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