Bears Finish Disappointing Season

The only interesting footnote to the 2011 season is their 8-8 record is the first time they have finished with that mark since the NFL went to a 16-game season in 1978. (I was wrong-see below).

Other than that, all we can say is what a disappointment.

I wrote on Friday that I admit I had the Bears finishing 8-8 or 7-9 prior to the season-my glass was not half full. What I did not predict is that they would fine themselves rolling toward the postseason after ten weeks, as they did. To see the bottom drop out was clearly disappointing.

But losing five of the final six games was clearly due to injury. Fault Jerry Angelo for draft after disappointing draft, and I do, but no other team in the NFL would continue to roll toward the playoffs after losing their top two offensive players. So like it or not, Lovie and Jerry must be given some slack.

(Maybe the Packers could after watching their backups play today, but they are admittedly off the charts offensively.)

Hope to have the final stamp on the 2011 Chicago Bears page at by the end of the week.

You all have a great offseason. Wish I could say it’s all been fun this year-it hasn’t.

Post-note: In my frantic life as it is now, I actually sat and thought for a few minutes through all the years since 1978 before I posted this. Had the Bears ever finished 8-8? I actually looked up 1978, the first 16-game season, to make sure they didn’t. Then I went year-for-year in my head. ’79: 10-6, ’80: 7-9, ’81: 6-10, ’84: 10-6, etc. Totally forgot about 1983. Obviously I knew the Bears finished 8-8 in 1983. But I totally forgot today. I would never have made such a claim without thinking about it, but my thinking today was flawed….’doh!

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  1. And how fitting to lose Urlacher to an injury near the end of the game (hope it isn’t serious). Can we get a LT that can at least make J. Allen slow down on his way to the QB with our middle of the 1st round draft pick?

  2. come on, let’s please take a brief reality check here and stop the sugarcoating. At 7-3, a 3-3 finish was completely doable and would have likely gotten us in.

    But we lose 5 straight, and at least 2, probably 3 of those we should have won. Yes, Cutler/Forte were injured, big loss. Understood. But that does not excuse losing against KC with a high school QB, and Denver.

    Wholesale changes are needed from the top down. No, it is not all Lovie and Martz’ fault. But, they, Angelo and the McCaskey mgmt. clown car club are 100% of the problem. If someone cannot see this, you must be blind, and I’ve seen several posts that confirm that.

    And, why is Lovie out there fist pumping at winning a meaningless game, like it’s going to be some kind of momentum building win that will launch them into 2012? No, the gap between us and GB is big, and even if we get the right guy to replace Angelo tomorrow, it will take 5 years to – maybe – rebuild.

  3. It’s more than time to quite sugar coating this situation. Lovie has had 3 winning seasons out of 8. He has had enough time to prove if he is capable. He hasn’t. But the organization will not address his weaknesses. Martz’s genius was based on a future Hall of Famer quarterback. Without him, he has not had a winning season since. The coaching staff are not seasoned veterans (all former fired head coaches) but washed up hacks. It’s time to get some new blood and new ideas into this team. Let’s not forget that Ditka had a greater winning percentage, a Super Bowl win and won 2 out of his 4 last four years and was fired. Lovie is 1 out of 4. And yes Angelo needs to go also. In fact it would be great if the McCaskey’s would sell the team to someone that liked to win. Not just make money.

  4. The sad fact is the Bears actually lost their 5 best offensive players this year (Cutler, Forte, Knox, Camiri, and Chris Williams). And the end of this game we lost Urlacher. Suffice to say the football gods just wanted to keep adding insult to injury in this season.

    I always said the Bears would be screwed if Cutler went down. When he did, I bought into the hype that Hanie would be able to manage, we’d win atleast 3 games down the stretch. Hanie couldn’t even muster a win, with his best game being his first game, which was a costly 3 interception game. If they had a competent quarterback from the beginning, the Bears likely are able to go 3-3 and finish 10-6 and take the playoff spot from Detroit or Atlanta.

    Without injuries, this team is a playoff team, I don’t think that is really a dispute. Thing is, we knew coming in, after being relatively injury free in 2010, that we would suffer injuries this year. And we did, however, it really did not sink in until that San Diego game where Cutler broke his thumb.

    Green Bay is going to be better than the Bears for some time (Again). Their defense is vulnerable right now, but in an offense first league, the Bears are way behind, because they don’t have the personnel to ever develop any offensive players other than running backs. The Bears are behind, and they can surely keep up the idea of having a good defense, but they really need to develop their offense, and need to bring in guys who know how to develop offense, because clearly right now, they do not have anyone who does.

  5. Yesterday, as I sat thinking, after I watched the post game twice, along with any other local sports show. I thought..”wow, the seasons over”.. and then I began to reflect on how much of myself and my time Ive invested over the last 16 weeks, and then I realized that its not just 16 weeks..from the draft, to pre- season, to training camp to looking for any literally dumb Bears news I can find.. Its all year!.. I dont pay salaries, or scout, or coach..Im just a fan..My thoughts or opinoins dont really matter, other than I can vent them here or places like here, in the end.. Im a fan.. and..Today, it started all over again..

  6. Going to the playoffs 3 out of 8 times is exactly the statistical average (32 teams, 12 playoff spots). However, in the same 8 year span, going to the conference title game twice and going to the superbowl once is basically twice above average. Of course a couple teams fare better (new england, etc.), but overall it’s a rather good performance by Lovie Smith. I’m sometimes upset with his “going for it” decisions but i think the calmness he keeps in games is a sign of professionalism and focus on his duties as a coach, however unnerving this attitude can be sometimes. Plus look at the draft picks or busted trades he’s been given. Just learned Angelo is gone! Can’t wait to meet our next safeties though ;)

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