Bears Exposed by Giants 17-3

Exposed is the most apt term I can come up with.  The Bears lost to the Giants tonight 17-3, but it easily could have been 31-3.

Starting with the positives, the only positives, probably lost in the end is how well the Bears defense played.  Despite dropping three potential interceptions, the defense kept the team in the game when the inept offense could have cost them an early three touchdowns.  And Julius Peppers continues to look like he is worth every bit of the enormous contract he received in March.

But that is the only positive.  After allowing nine sacks in the first half, I was sure the Giants would best the NFL record of 12 sacks in a game held by the 1984 Bears and four other teams.  Luckily the Giants only (only?!) ended up with 10 on the game.  Not only was the offense’s pass protection putrid, the Bears collectively remain unable to run the ball or ever convert manageable third-and-shorts.

After quarterback Jay Cutler was finally knocked out on his ninth sack, I thought we’d see a little more of the Todd Collins we saw in the final preseason game, but this proves that a game against the Cleveland Browns’ backups proves nothing when compared to regular season game action.  Collins was unspectacular until he also was put out of the game on a hit that looked like it could be career-ending.

So, as Lovie Smith would say, this was only one loss, the sun will come up tomorrow, and the Bears finished the first quarter of the season 3-1.  Personally, I didn’t believe in the Bears until they upset the Cowboys on the road.  I then correctly believed they would rise to beat the Green Bay Packers, but I was concerned about this Giants game.

But I can’t quite put my finger on how to summarize this loss.  It would be one thing if it looked like they didn’t plan properly or they didn’t take the reeling Giants seriously enough.  It was neither of those.  The Bears simply got a good, old fashioned, ass kicking, and that is troubling.

I’m not ready to say the Bears are who I thought they were, they are still 3-1.  But if the offensive line is truly as bad as they looked, I don’t see the Bears being able to win any more games against the tough teams in 2010.

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  1. I think this was just a case of the Giants DL being that good. I mean, it’s not like the Cowboys and Packers are not good pass rushing teams, and we were able to handle them.

    The thing about the Giants is that they were able get pressure on us without much blitzing. So there weren’t holes in the short passing game to exploit for big games. And our putrid run blocking couldn’t exploit their over-pass-rush, either.

    Basically, this is a problem. And it might prevent us from winning in the playoffs. But I still think we should have a successful season. Not every team is going to be able to do that with their 4 down linemen.

  2. That game was excruciating to watch. But we all saw this coming–Cutler being knocked out like that. And why the hell does this team not have a fullback? Forte is uselss out of the backfield. Start CT next week.

  3. Well, how do we all like the Orton trade now? I see little mention of the leading yardage quarterback in the National Football League. Of course, he would be wasted back in Chicago, who cannot attract a decent, not over-the-hill, offensive coordinator.
    Orton took six sacks himself Sunday at Tennessee and is still lucid, and a winner.

  4. This was as ugly a game to watch as I can remember. Offensive line was obviously terrible, defense did all it could to keep us in the game, and if the Giants hadn’t shown as much offensive incompetence as we did, we would have been down by three TDs by the half.

    In a little more than a season here, Cutler has taken a ton of shots, not all on sacks. He could not continue and cannot continue to take hits like this and expect to get up every time. But there’s just no excuse for 9 sacks to be given up in a single half of football with a basic 4-man rush.Aside from the terrible protection, Cutler’s general awareness of how much time he had in the pocket was not good and he seemed off. We also can’t run the ball with any kind of consistency whatsoever. Need to start to see more of what Taylor can do.

    As for the Orton comment, come on. I could care less what Orton’s numbers say. He’s a serviceable QB in a system McDaniels tailored to him. As far as being a winner goes – yeah, that’s right, how can we forget – Broncos started 6-0 last year, then choked away the playoffs entirely. I’ll take Cutler over Orton any day, and I think most people that really understand the game gets that.

  5. This offensive line is not built to handle the risks that come with the Martz offense. No matter how many in game substitutions they make, there is zero continuity and that spells disaster just like we all witnessed last night. That was hands down the most embarrassing loss I’ve seen in the 30 years that I’ve been watching them play.
    @ Grabber- I’d love to see more of Taylor myself, but I’m afraid this line will get him killed. When will Angelo come to terms and accept the fact that piecing an O-line together with career journeymen, over-the-hill players and unproven rookies just won’t cut it in this league? I guess that’s a whole other discussion….. I’m just absolutely disgusted right now.

  6. This was the worst offensive game I’ve ever seen as a Bears fan. I’m young so I havent been watching for decades like some of you, but definitely the worst of the Lovie Smith era. If it werent for Caleb Hanie gaining some garbage yards in the end, the Bears would have had their lowest offensive yardage total in the Lovie Smith era as well. (They had 110 total yards, in 2006 against Minnesota they had 107 total yards).
    Why the O-Line could handle Dallas and Green Bay’s pass rush and not the Giants…I can only attribute to the line can handle a 3-4 defense better than a 4-3 defense. 3-4 defenses rely on blitzs from linebackers for a pass rush and perhaps Martz has the 3-4 figured out. 4-3 defenses are like ours and rely on the front four to pass rush. The Giants were able to do just that, kinda like the Lions were able to get such a good rush with just the front four. Thing with the Lions is the rest of their team sucks, while the Giants have some good guys in the secondary and at linebacker.

  7. The “attitude and lack of PRIDE” is evident in player performance and comments Coaches and players made after having their ass kicked. It was one of the hardest games I have ever watched, and we all knew what the outcome was going to be after the first half. No offense, a QB who is unaware of his surroundings, and a head coach who has no sideline internal fortitude or emotion to change things before they completely disintergrate every member of the squad.

  8. To the Cutler hater- give it a rest. The Bronco front line, despite giving up six sacks, is light years ahead of the Bears O-line. Remember we had TWO QBs knocked out of the game by the Giant defense. The O-line is what we thought it was, and the receivers are below average just like we thought they were. As for Cutler and Collins, GOD himself would have been knocked out of that game.

  9. I had a nightmare last night; I cannot imagine how Cutler felt after this one… We didn’t even look 1-dimensional but zero-dimensional! Looks like this time we’re the ones who got outcoached! The way Cutler looked dejected as he did with the beating he took when trailing only 3-0, or even 10-0 with plenty of time left, has me wondering if he’ll ever have confidence again in Tice and Martz.
    Credits to the defense for playing impressively and letting us hang on in this one, the Giants offense for playing poorly, and Coughlin for his fair-play at the end of the game.

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