Bears Earn First Round Bye

Wow.  Thanks go out to the Minnesota Vikings and their coach, former Bear defensive back Leslie Frazier.  On the virtue of Minnesota’s 24-14 upset of the Philadelphia Eagles, the Bears now own the #2 seed in the NFC playoffs and a first round bye.

Viking quarterback Joe Webb had a solid performance in the huge upset.  Does anyone else wonder if the Vikings may have fared better against the Bears had they not bowed to Lord Favre and allowed him to play at the last minute?  At this point, who cares.

Still trying to shake the feeling of rooting for the Vikings.

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  1. What do the Bears need for a one seed? I know they need the Falcons to lose, but do they also need the Saints to lose? I’ve heard differing sides on that one. ESPN says yes and I think the Bears’ official website makes no mention of the Saints. Anyone?

  2. Even though the Bears get the first round bye, it would be helpful the NY Giants if they played a regular game against greenbay and not give them an easy win. The Giants need the playoffs this year

  3. I’m with you Giants Fan, there is no way I want to see the Bears take the week off…that didn’t help when we did it in 2005. I’d much rather see the Giants in the playoffs than Green Bay. Then again-you guys blew your chance! Seriously, no offense intended, I was hoping to see the Giants play well last week. It’s not easy for anyone to play well in Green Bay with Rodgers on fire like that, so who knows, the Bears may go all out and still lose this weekend.

  4. And Perno, sorry to forget about your question. What I have seen is that yes, Atlanta has to lose to Carolina (not likely) and New Orleans has to lose in order for the Bears to clinch homefield. I’ve been thinking about an interesting scenario that I will write about tomorrow-but of course the Bears have to take care of business in the first round. Which we’ve seen them fail to do twice in the last 10 years, even with the bye.

  5. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it), the Falcons game will be over (or mostly over) by the time the Bears take the field on Sunday (Falcons start at noon, Bears at 3pm). If the Falcons have won, there would literally be nothing for the Bears to play for (well, they could knock the Packers out of the playoffs, if they prefer to see another team).

    Would you really play all your starters against the Packers in that situation? Do you want Jay Cutler, who already has a concussion this season, staring down Clay Matthews and the Green Bay defense?

  6. “(well, they could knock the Packers out of the playoffs, if they prefer to see another team).”

    Bears – Packers

    only in Championship Game possible.

  7. I think the starters should play and take this game seriously as it is against the Packers. They also have a shot to go 6-0 in the division which has never been done since the forming of the NFC North in 2002.

  8. Chicago will play the starters and depending on how the game turns out they will probably pull them if GB gains a difficult margin to overcome to prevent injuries. I know how bad Bear Fan wants to stick the fork in Green Bay but if that comes at the cost of key players being injured that wouldn’t be feasable, especially with a first round bye and a great opportunity to make it to the big game.

  9. Does GiantsFan96 honestly think that the New York Giants didn’t play a REGULAR game against the Green Bay Packers and gave them an EASY win, really? That means he also thinks that the NYG did not want to control thier own destiny into the last game of the season. I think GiantsFan96 has mistaken “not playing a regular game” with not being able to match up with the GBP, at all. The NYG just didn’t have what it takes to win, that’s the fact of the matter, and frankly excuses don’t make the reality of it change one bit. I just hope Rex Grossman and DeAngelo Hall take it easy on the NYG so that GiantsFan96 doesn’t think that his team played another REGULAR game and gave the Washington Redskins an EASY win. The Giants need the playoffs, but the Packers wanted it more last week.

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