Bears Draft Another Hammer

In 1961, the Chicago Bears’ first-round pick was a player known as “The Hammer”, real name Mike Ditka.  About 30 minutes ago, the Bears chose their newest player, known as “The Jewish Hammer”, Wisconsin offensive tackle Gabe Carimi.

It was quite obvious the Bears had a pressing need on the offensive line, a position ignored with high draft choices throughout the Jerry Angelo era.  I thought their need at three technique defensive tackle was more pressing, since that position is key to Lovie Smith’s defense.

But I couldn’t be happier with the Bears’ pick.  Many experts had Carimi long gone before the 20th selection.  I thought there were many surprise selections prior to Chicago’s, allowing a high-quality guy that can play either tackle position to slip surprisingly to the Bears.  Additionally, the draft is deep in defensive linemen, and I’m confident we’ll find a player there in the second or third round.  I’d also be ecstatic to see the Bears get a good guard or center like Penn State’s Stefan Wisnieswki with their next pick.

Despite the fact that Carimi is a Badger from Monona, WI, a suburb of Madison, he seems happy to be a Bear.  According to Larry Mayer of, Carimi just said he’s “happy his first NFL game will be as a Bear,” and he’s “pumped” for it.

When that first game will be is the question.

Another question-since the organization has been talking up J’Marcus Webb as a potential prototypical left tackle, do they flip and start Carimi at right for his rookie year?  It’s not like Webb is a veteran.

Last question, so do you admit defeat with Chris Williams and cut him?  He’s obviously not a guard, and obviously not in the plans at tackle, unless he’ll be the reserve/swing tackle until his contract is up in 2012.

Really last question, same thing with Frank Omiyale.  Not a guard.  Not a right tackle.  Best fit at left tackle, but not a very good one at that.  Signed at around $2 million a year.  Lots of decisions to be made on castoffs here.

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  1. Given the recent article in the Sun-Times about using Williams at center, it seems the Bears are going to try everything to avoid cutting this guy. I’ve never liked Omiyale either – way too inconsistent and prone to complete whiffs more often than not. I don’t think the bears have a choice, they have to get at least 1 more OL on day 2.

  2. Wow Andy, intriguing. I had not seen the Sun Times article but just read it. That would certainly help to find any place for Chris Williams. But frankly since he hasn’t worked out at tackle or guard, I don’t know how much hope I’d have for him at center.

  3. I’d like to think Chris Williams still has a future in the league. Hell, he was the same guy that shut down Jared Allen in late 2009 and had a strong finish to the season. We will see.

  4. I think the Bears are going to regret cutting (if they hadn’t already) Josh Beekman prior to last season. I thought he performed well at Guard in 2008 and I believe he was also being groomed to supplant Kreutz at Center, correct? But, the over-priced signings of Orlando Pace and Frank Omiyale relegated him to the bench and ultimately did him in. I have no problem whatsoever cutting both Williams and Omiyale, but at this moment, the team doesn’t have the depth to sustain those moves. Hopefully they add another player this afternoon to throw into OL mix.

  5. Williams at center no way. Too big and slow.

  6. Isn’t Williams kind of big for a center? I haven’t read the article but that seems like a train wreck.

  7. I had read a writer suggesting trying Williams at center-I agree that sounds a little goofy.

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