Bears Defeat Rams 17-9

Can’t take it away from them, the Bears did beat the Rams today 17-9.  They won, I’m a fan, I’m happy, etc.

I know what the answer would be if I said “is there anyone out there that thinks the Bears would have beaten the Packers, Ravens or Vikings with that performance today”?

So happens those are the next three teams we’ll be playing, and given a performance like we saw today, I don’t think we’ll be winning those three games.  But I’ll be watching anyway.

What did you think?

4 Responses to “Bears Defeat Rams 17-9”

  1. What is interesting to me is that Cutler had 131 passing yards on 4 passes in the 1st quarter and gets 12 passing yards the rest of the way. I know 71 of those yards were mostly Bennett running down the field, but still…Cutler’s stats are rather horrid minus the fact he had no turnovers..Only completes 8 passes while attempting 17. I dont know what this offense has done to him but its really sad.

    Also Frank Omiyale is back starting at LG if anybody else has noticed.

  2. As a Bears fan i can say that this season was more than upsetting. As far as the win against the Rams…folks…ITS THE RAMS, Currently one of if not THE WORST team in the NFL. If we didn’t beat them then we dont belong playing football.

    Hope all you other fellow Bears fans enjoyed the win…because it will be the last of the season. Oh well, at least we can look forward to low draft picks…Oh…wait…we gave away our first round for Cutler(struggling this season) and our 2nd round pick for Gaines Adams…Awwe Crap!

  3. Typical Lovie, get a lead then go conservative. Put the leash back on the QB and grind it out. The Frustration on Jay’s face was apparent.

  4. Why the heck was Gaines Adams inactive yesterday? That’s the Bears’ 2010 2nd round draft pick!

    Oh and you guys don’t think they’ll beat the Lions?

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