Bears Defeat Lions

I think I’ll barely (BEARly) get this out as I see there is a Comcast internet outage.  Service is spotty.

So as much as I worried the whole game, the Bears did defeat the Detroit Lions for the sixth straight time.  The Bears have now won five games in a row.  Then why, when I watched the late recaps on the NFL Network, all they could talk about was how RED HOT the 8-4 Packers are?

Yes, the Packers are 8-4 and have won 4 of 5 and look to be a good team.  But they get much more respect than the 9-3 first place Bears who have now won five in a row.

Big week coming up.

3 Responses to “Bears Defeat Lions”

  1. Talk about a nail-biter. And man was this Lions fan next to Sam Rosen annoying; where did they find this guy?
    I liked Lovie looking pissed at half time after the defense let those big plays happen, the defense playing better in the second half and the offense not panicking and sticking with the run.
    I didn’t like how Stanton torched the D – fortunately he did a little too much demonstration in the end zone after his TD run, which probably woke up the defense’s pride.

    Nice that we play the Jets and Patriots at home, the crowd + turf will help. Too bad they re-sodded it though, as Perno pointed.

  2. Hey’re talking about Rosen’s broadcast partner? (Rosen annoys me). That would have been former Bear defensive lineman Tim Ryan :). (Played for Chicago from 1990-1993).

  3. Yes that’s him! Excellent! On the other hand,sorry to learn that, really. I guess he was doing his job making the viewers believe the underdog Lions would pull an upset and hence having us stay tuned. His stand was not very “loyal” though.

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