Bears cut Harris, Shaffer, Hillenmeyer

Shocking only that I wasn’t expecting to hear this so early.¬† Today the Chicago Bears have released Tommie Harris, Hunter Hillenmeyer and Kevin Shaffer.

Thus ends the tumultuous career of Harris as a Bear.  As dominant as any tackle in the league from 2004-2006, following injuries, Harris never lived up to the hype of the mega-contract he signed.

I’ve been working on a post with my thoughts on the greatest needs of the 2011 Bears, so while some might find my greatest need surprising, I don’t think it should be.

5 Responses to “Bears cut Harris, Shaffer, Hillenmeyer”

  1. Those were no-brainer moves and that’s fortunate for the Bears because they have no brains when it comes to managing a football franchise. Announcing yet another ticket price increase on the same day they extend Lovie’s contract would piss off even the most mindless die-hard Bears fan.

  2. This makes sense. I’m surprised but shouldn’t be…the Lovie Smith Era of Accountability!

  3. Hunter’s parting words. Very classy man. I hope his head injuries don’t affect him for the rest of his life.

  4. Agree, jdm. Very classy indeed.

  5. Good point guys. Hunter was always a guy you just had to root for, even if you knew he wasn’t the prototypical NFL linebacker. You all know he’s married to Tim Floyd’s daughter, right? He’ll do just fine from here.

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