Bears Control Their Destiny

Who would have thought that after being swept by the Lions, the Bears would end up controlling their playoff destiny with two weeks left in the season. That’s where they find themselves following Detroit’s loss to Baltimore at home.

If the Bears beat the Eagles and the Packers, they earn a home playoff game, probably against Carolina or San Francisco. I won’t even comment on the other possibilities, because the focus must be on winning the final two games, period.

We’ve seen this before, and I’m uneasy. The absolute best possibility? The final game of the 2013 season ends up being a one-game playoff for the division title against Green Bay on December 29th. It would be fantastic to have Aaron Rodgers return and have the Bears finally beat him.

At least nobody will be able to say the 2013 Chicago Bears season wasn’t exciting.

3 Responses to “Bears Control Their Destiny”

  1. I told you all that the Lions were going to screw this up. I just didn’t have the confidence the Bears would be able to take care of their own business.

    And sorry Roy, I want the week 17 game to be meaningless. If the Packers and Lions both lose next week and the Bears win, the Bears lock up the three seed. I realize if Cutler wants to be the QB long term, he’s going to need to beat #12 in a big game. But, I don’t want any part of that guy.

  2. Totally agree JDM. Ive got full confidence in oue #6 in a Rodgers v Cutler contest but it’s Rodgers v the Bears D that sends shivers down my spine. If Emery can rebuild the D line like he has done this year with the O line then next year we can take on Rodgers….until then I hope he injures his other shoulder on Sunday night throwing his slipper at the TV when Jeffrey makes another stunning TD reception to rout the Eagles.

  3. I’m with you JDM, I’d much rather see the last week be meaningless. I am most concerned with the Bears taking care of their own business.

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