Comments on: Bears Clearly Regressing Chicago Bears History Blog by Mon, 20 Apr 2015 22:25:11 +0000 hourly 1 By: laglines Mon, 23 Nov 2009 22:35:14 +0000 Last night’s performance was emblematic of a team with an identity crisis. In yet another game marked by perplexing strategies and inconsistent play, this crisis unfortunately seems to be born from frantic and desperate efforts to hide the team’s talent and coaching deficiencies rather than the striving to become something new and improved. Given how incompetent the team seems to be in just about every phase of the game there’s also no evidence that this Bear’s team can to return to something tried and true. What talent there is, and there are definitely talented players on this team including Jay Cutler, it is not properly resources and deployed. Now that we have a pro bowl quarterback is it too much to expect the team to provide him with an offensive line that can run and pass block, or how about some real wide receivers to throw to, or a game plan that effectively utilizes his skills. The offense never establishes a rhythm early in games because they’re making adjustments to overcome early deficits, which puts even more pressure on an unproven unit. Tommy Harris and the rest of the defensive line seem content with spotting opponents early leads. His play is no where near his promise and not inline with what he gets paid. There’s not much contribution from the rest of that line either as there is rarely pressure on the ball. Gone is that familiar Bears’ swagger, which seems to be resigned to the play of Briggs and Tillman. It has become exceedingly difficult to watch this team and impossible to listen to Lovie’s vapid explanations for unacceptable performance. There seems to be a lack of accountability at every level of the Bear’s organization. Change is needed but it appears that the McCaskey’s aren’t committed to winning and don’t have the inclination to spend the money needed. These are sad times indeed for Bears fans wanting a change of fortune. It would take $10 million to buy out Lovie Smith’s contract. General Manager Jerry Angelo is signed through 2013. Ron Turner is likely to be the scapegoat if there are any because that move is affordable.

Its time to become a dedicated Blackhawks fan if you want to back a winner in Chicago.

By: Ron Mon, 23 Nov 2009 21:06:58 +0000 One thing stood out to me…and that is Cutler’s posture. Head down, sulking. Why? Because deep down with all the “talent” that people believe he has…he is missing several key ingredients.

1. Maturity..never has had it, may if someone actually confronts him and demands it from him. Stop walking back to the sidelines, head bowed down, and sitting by yourself moping. STAND next to your OC, and find out what you are doing wrong and man up. You missed, several open receivers. What more can a QB ask for. You have johnny Knox, Devein Hester, and a good TE, and yet your gun, and you do have a gun Cutler…problem is…

2. Accuracy….again still not showing much developmnet in this area.

3. Leadership. The team that you play for Cutler, is going to have numerous changes. Primarily coaching. With a pending 6-10 record, Smith and and his assembled band of misfits will be gone. You may find yourself under the tutelage of Cowher, Billeck, or Shanahan. I promise you son…Cowher isn;t going to hesitate to sit you down, if your performance…or lack their of continues.

Bottom line….You have been in the league for too long, to be given another chance. This is it baby. You are perfoming at the level of a backup, who has some attributes that are good, but not not grat. Nithing by your performance, indicates that you are a frnachise QB, or someone who will even by your leadership can led a team to a Wild Card bearth let alone a World Championship.

Ask yourselves Bears fans…and be honest. After this organization cleans house, and has little to choose from in the next draft, what have you got? Re-building…and with a completely over rated head case to build around.

2. Accuracy

By: Traffic56 Mon, 23 Nov 2009 18:09:06 +0000 I drafted this entry two weeks ago when I began to notice the Cutler haters coming out on this blog. I got distrated by the Nuggets and Avalanche success here at home and did not post it. So now here it is…

I am a long time Bronco fan who, in disgust, gave up on them after the Shanahan firing ( by an owner who admits he has mental problems!) and the punk they hired as coach running ran Jay Cutler out of town. I am a Bear convert now. I think I have a unique perspective on the Bears situation given that I have seen several cycles of ‘rebuilding’ a franchise over the many years I was a bronco fan.

First of all, to those who think Jay Cutler is a bust, wake up! QBs with the talent that he has come along once every twenty years or so. I had to laugh when the ‘other’ Denver fan in this blog tried to make the case that all Cutler does is throw every pass into triple coverage and get intercepted. What he conveniently leaves out is that Denver had the second or third most productive offense in the league last year. That is why Cutler was voted to the Pro Bowl. Broncofaninal also leaves out another important point that bears heavily on the interception rate that Cutler had in Denver (and certainly plays a role now in Chicago). The Bronco defense last year was beyond a joke! They were ranked in the bottom three in almost every defensive category that matters last year. Cutler knew that if he did not find a way to score touchdowns, and had to turn the ball over to the opponents, they were just going to fall farther behind. So he often pressed the issue. Many times the best receiving corp in the league would come up with the ball. There were at least a half dozen INTS that Cutler threw last year deep in the enemy’s territory that were calculated risks that frankly made sense. If he throws the ball to the five or ten around where Marshall or Royal try to make a play on it and it gets intercepted, it ends up better than a punt! Oh, did I forget to mention that the Bronco special teams were an abomination last year as well ( primarily populated with all of the sorry excuses for defensive players that Denver backed a truck up and hauled away this year?) You see, Cutler is a smart guy who wants to win at any cost. He knows the strengths and weaknesses of his team. He knew that Marshall, Royal, and Stokely would come down with the ball more often than not (they are genuine professional receivers, unlike the sad corp of receivers that the Bears have). Yes, some of the INTs last year, and this, are just dumb throws in frustration. As a coach I would live with that versus having a ‘field manager’ who struggles to throw an accurate pass over twenty yards. If you had grown up in Denver and went through the Elway years, you all would know how special young Cutler can be. Elway was a bust in his early years, too. They did not have blogs back then, but the editorial pages in the paper were unanimous- “bench him!- Cut him! He’s worthless! Then Mike Shanahan came along. And the rest is history. I know John personally and he has told me that Shanahan deserves a lot of credit for his (Elway’s) success.

So that brings me to the Bears. What needs to happen to turn this franchise around?

First, start at the top. Fire the GM, head coach and offensive coaching staff. Its about philosophy. Three yards and a cloud of dust worked back in the sixties. It is a new day and Chicago has at its disposal an amazing talent to transform their offense into a juggernaut.

Hire Mike Shanahan as GM and head coach. I understand that Mike grew up on the west side so he is likely to be amenable to that prospect. In the first couple of years, Mike would act as O-coordinator to get his systems installed properly. After that he wuld hire one of his proteges to over the O-Coordinator duties. Hire Alex Gibbs away from ( I believe he is still in Atlanta). He will install the zone blocking scheme that is needed to run the kind of offense that Cutler can make sing. It also allows you to have less talented, and less expensive O-lineman ( and to take advantage of a downhill runner like Forte). If Gibbs won’t come, I bet Rick Dennison ( a Gibb’s and Shanahan’s protege) will leave Denver and the punk who coaches there in a heartbeat to team up with his old boss.

These moves will represent a significant change in philosophy for the Bears. You need to clean house now and expect a two year turnaround period before expecting to compete for the playoffs.

The next problem- the receiving corps. Of Chicago’s top four receiver’s two are defensive backs! Bennett would be a third or fourth receiver on only a few teams. Johnny Knox is a good kick returner, but shows no skill in reading defenses or in making route adjustments during a play. Bring in some veteran receivers who know when they are the hot receiver and know what to do about it. Chris Chambers was probably an opportunity missed this year, as an example. Anquan Boldin should be available next season. Making due with Bennett as the slot receiver might work, but Hester is not a receiver, #1 or otherwise, not even in his own wildest dreams! Johnny Knox should be kept on the team simply as a special teams guy. Then bring in a ‘real’ corp of receiver for Jay Cutler to throw to. Whoever ends up on the team, they must have a better mindset about going for the ball than the current crew has. I can count a dozen times when Cutler threw the ball ‘slightly’ away from the receiver( the only ‘open’ place that ‘only’ the receiver could catch it and the receivers just wave at it). In Denver, when the ball is thrown, Marshall, Royal, Stokely, and Scheffler go for the ball and sacrifice their bodies if necessary to catch the ball. Their mindset is ‘ITS MY BALL’. The great receivers were all that way. If they can touch it, they can catch it!

Tight Ends- Olsen seems to have the some talent, but currently lacks the instincts to get open that guys like Dallas Clark and Tony Gonzalez have. When I watch him, he usually goes to a spot and just kind of stands there waving his hands at Cutler. He needs to develop a better knowledge of the defenses he is playing against and work harder to have a ‘plan B’ ready to give Cutler a chance to make something happen. He also needs to work on his pass catching skills. Too many balls have gone through his hands this year. If he can become an 8-10 pass per game guy for 90 plus yards type of guy, it will go a long way for the Bears. Desmond Clark looks to be just playing out the string and needs to retire. He is a shadow of the great player that he used to be. Maybe it is his neck injury, I am not sure. But what I am sure of is that he is not a factor out there, and he used to be capable of being a strong factor.

Defense- Start with the scheme. The cover two is old news as a primary scheme. If you cannot get significant pressure on the QB and have fast clsoing, sure takling DBs in the backfield, you will have your butt handed to you far more often than you will dominate. That said, I think that the D-line lacks talent, for sure, and as a group only have their motors running at a couple of thousand RPM ( Versus the Minnesota group who seem to be running at 10k rpm). Successful D-lines have to have good athletes, for sure. They have to be well schooled in technique, for sure. They have to be incredibly disciplined, for sure. But above all of that, it is about consistent, savage, effort. You folks have seen it before in Chicago. If I were an offensive player back in 1985, I would not have wanted to be in the same stadium with the Bears defense! Those guys were red lining every simgle play!

So now if we all step back and look at what needs to be done, we have to ask ourselves, “what are the chances of these things happening?” I am new to the Bear’s fan base and do not know much about the ownership. I hope they will do what I propose, but only they know if they will. If the blog entries are any indication, they will only do half of what I propose which is the same as doing nothing.

By: roadking 801 Mon, 23 Nov 2009 17:13:34 +0000 Hey Listen up! Gladys Night called and she wants the QB coach back!
Also Ron Turner = DUD, Jerry Angelo =-DUD, Lovie Smith “Mr We don’t need Ron Riveria Remember this TRUST ME” DUD————————-BACK UP THE BUS AND BLOW THE WHOLE DAMN THING UP!
Danielle Manning DUD, also Hunter Hillenmyerer Gap control this DUD, again PIP Hamilton you did a lot for Grossman now your ruining
Cutler- Ron Turner could not even coach a Pop warner Team
Nice sets Ron especially with the W.O.’s in Motion Your still a DUD
This Team lacks Emotion, Heart, and Coaching I Bet we loose to the Rams and Detroit as FANS we are all a bunch of IDIOT’S for waisting our time and Money on this garbage!!!!!!!!!!! Hey Ron Turner —- two words for you – Get Creative you DUD

By: Scott Mon, 23 Nov 2009 16:42:09 +0000 An interesting note about our 1st round draft pick.

Angelo is not known for being able to draft 1st round talent. Whats even stranger is before the Cutler trade, two of the first round picks he’s traded away those picks were busts as well. As far as Robert Ayers who Denver selected with the first round pick this year, Ayers calm to fame this season is a fumble returned for a touchdown. Other than that he’s been fairly invisible.

The 2nd round pick that we gave up though, is more valuable in my opinion. Angelo could draft at this spot, and the fact he’s a higher 2nd round pick will just increase its value. Here’s to hoping Gaines Adams can actually become something here in Chicago.

By: Scott Mon, 23 Nov 2009 16:12:52 +0000 One has to question is that playing QB here really that traumatizing? I mean with our offensive line it is..but the media seems to just pound the hell out of quarterbacks here and now the press’s honeymoon for Jay Cutler is over and in alot of aspects he has lost it.

Tonight’s offensive game plan by Ron Turner looked like a game plan pulled out from last season. Cutler was made to look and play like Kyle Orton. Maybe that fact made Cutler throw deep passes just like Orton and thats why he misses those throws.

By the way, the first miss by Cutler to Olsen happened, a few plays later Cutler over threw Hester and the drive resulted in a field goal. Late in the game, Cutler overthrew Johnny Knox on 3rd down which would have put the Bears up 27-24 with 3 minutes to go. Instead the Bears punted the ball after the in completion.