Bears Can’t Land Sims

The Rob Sims trade/acquisition has happened.  But it wasn’t the Bears that acquired him.  Yesterday, the Detroit Lions landed the Seattle veteran guard for just a fifth round draft pick.  It does make one wonder that with the price so low, why didn’t the Bears do something to be the team to land a solid starter for such bargain.  Perhaps both teams offered their fifth, and the Lions was slightly higher, and that’s what happened.

In other Bears news, Pro Football Talk predicts that Desmond Clark will be the odd tight end out with the Bears.  Back in 2003, when the Bears first signed Clark, I wondered if he would be the first consistent tight end the Bears would field since the days of Emery Moorehead.  And indeed he has been, looking back seven years later (how’s it possible seven years flew by so fast.

Finally, the St. Louis Rams have released Marc Bulger.  Potential backup in Chicago?  Time will tell.

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  1. What I want to see is Albert Haynesworth lined up in between Tommie Harris and Julius Peppers. He has already been given the bulk of his guaranteed money by Washington, which means the team that trades for him would be in for about 5 million a year. We just saved 5 mil a year by releasing Alex Brown, and as much as I loved AB, this would make our line so much better and almost unstoppable. It wouldn’t even matter who you threw in AB’s old spot.

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