Bears Beat Bucs in London

Much, much closer than it should have been.  Watched today’s game with my neighbor and good friend, a Tampa transplant and lifelong Bucs fan, this game we’ve been waiting for three years to watch together.  After the Bears went up 21-5, I reminded him this was a Bears game and it wasn’t over.  And of course Tampa went on a run and pulled to within three points.  As Tampa got the ball with just under two minutes left needing a touchdown, I told him I knew Tampa would take it deep into Bears territory, which they did.  Thank God D.J. Moore was there to seal the game with an interception.

I felt bad for my buddy, but I reminded him that this was revenge for Jeremy Trueblood’s nut punch that incited the Bears loss to Tampa in 2008.  Then I felt no remorse.

So yes, JDM, through seven games the 2011 season is still lining up with my 1992 Chicago Bears comparisons.  In both of these seasons we have an aging team, and there is both hope and despair, early season consternation but in both cases we’re 4-3 at this point.  I just hope from here out the 2011 version doesn’t finish 1-8 as that team did.

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  1. While this team has issues, I don’t think (like 1992) that Lovie is going to lose the locker room. If they falter, it would because they are simply not good enough. That would be the only difference. Everything else is valid.

  2. Not sure what to take away from this game. As good as things looked in building a 21-5 lead, the dropoff in the second half in nearly squandering this game away was equally bad. I was surprised how well we played for 2+quarters against a Tampa team that is kind of tough to figure out, looking good (Saints) and equally horrible (SF) this year.

    As roy pointed out, the end result was definitely much closer than it ever should have been. Any way you look at it, the bad execution and lack of being able to put the game away with 2 possessions, one of them a gift after a stupid penalty, and 6 plays from inside the 10 at the end, was something I really thought TB would make us pay for, and they nearly did. Given that opportunity at the end, you just have to be able to get 7 there. Hard to comprehend, but if playoffs started today, I believe we would be in.

  3. Tampa and Freeman are famous for sucking for three quarters, and then turning it on in the fourth. To me, I had more of an issue not closing it out in third quarter when they left ten points on the field. You had Briggs INT return called back from the 1 to the 50, and Gould missing the 41 yard FG. A 16 point lead going into the fourth is nice, but it’s not impossible to overcome. and yes, the Bears are currently the 6th seed. They beat both ATL and Tampa, which gives them the tie-breaker. DET isn’t exactly a lock to stay where they are at. The next two games are as equally as important. If you beat Phily, you bury them for good. If you beat DET, that makes them even a lesser lock. Then, you might be able to afford to drop one of the AFC games, which all four are very winnable.

  4. Martz being convinced in the third quarter that the running game was working and given the 16 point margin, he decided the Bears would now practice their passing game. I think it was a smart move, although it could have proven very costly, it will help in the future. Good teams win ugly, right?

  5. What a weekend.

    For three quarters the Bears were brilliant. I was 8/9 years old when I started watching American Football and have waited 25 years since then to see my Bears and when I did they didn’t dissapoint. And what great sports Lovie and Mike Martz are by making a game of it in the fourth quarter and letting the Bucs back in it….Seriously though I loved every minute of my first NFL game. There were thousands of ‘neutral’ NFL shirts on show but the most dominant jersey of the day belonged to Chicago, especially the Urlacher 54 shirts. Despite Wembley handing out free Bucs flags and encouraging the Bucs fans to make noise causing the worst plastic atmosphere ever, the Bears fans definately made the most ‘real’ noise. I’m always proud to be a Bears fan but it was an absolute pleasure supporting them on Sunday night. FAO Roy, I took some photo’s (pretty poor ones as I couldn’t get near to the tailgate party) and I’ll be glad to send them to you, just let me know where to send them too.

  6. Not quite a sell out – which was disappointing. But there was a great atmosphere all the same.

    There are fans from every nfl team at these games, but the Bears far outnumbered everyone else. 54 was definitely the most popular, but there were plenty of Hesters, Peppers, Singletarys and of course 34s.

    The game got a bit sloppy in the fourth quarter but we did what we needed to do to win the game.

    Usual transport problems getting home (but that’s just the way it is at Wembley). Back at midnight just in time to catch the highlights on tv.

  7. Nice to see Bears fans from the UK on here! Glad you guys enjoyed the game. Hopefully you won’t have to wait 25 years to see Da Bears in your backyard again :)

  8. Thanks to all of our UK friends for the thoughts on the game. @Dave, will you be uploading your photos to a sharing site somewhere? (Yahoo, Picasa, Flickr, etc.) I’d be glad to take a look at them if so. If you want to get in touch with me click the “contact us” link on the top or bottom of the right side of this page. Thanks!

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