Bears at Redskins 2007

Brad Biggs breaks down Bears at Redskins 2007, a rare Thursday night appearance for the Bears.

I’ve been frustrated about the 2007 Bears season, no doubt about that. But I’m trying not to be one of those wieners that talks about how great everything is in 2006, then calls for the firing of everyone the next year. But one has to admit that this has been a most precipitous drop.

Anyway, should the Bears lose tonight and get run up and down the field by Clinton Portis and company, which is entirely possible, about the only suspense left this year will be to predict Chicago’s final record. Should they lose tonight, gulp, I’d say a 5-11 record is entirely possible.

Why do I think that?? Because after the Redskins, the Bears travel to Minnesota on Monday Night Football to play the up-and-coming Vikings and Adrian Peterson.? Then it’s 10-2 Green Bay at Soldier Field, where our friend Brett Favre is 14-2 in his career.? 14-2….here comes that vomit again.? Then the Bears finish up with the Saints at home in a….ha….rematch of the 2006 NFC Championship Game.? Sure, the Saints have been disappointing too.? If that isn’t a game between two teams playing many young players to get a look at them for 2008 I will be disappointed.

So to me, 5-11 is most realistic should the Bears lose tonight.

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