Bears at Packers 2009

Or the headline should read: I WANT MY OPENING DAY BACK!

The Chicago Tribune has revealed that one of the items to come out of this week’s NFL owner’s meetings is that the Bears will visit the Packers on opening night, Sunday September 13th, for a nationally televised game.

Cool that the Bears get to open in prime time two years in a row, but when do we get a home game on opening weekend again?  The Bears haven’t opened the season at home since 2004.  Last year’s schedule was an abomination with only one home game in September and heavy with home games in December…while undoubtably dome and warm-weather teams hosted a majority of their games early in the Fall.  Doesn’t make sense to me.

The Tribune article also mentions that the Bears have received a third-round pick among a total of three compensatory selections in April’s draft.  Great news, as long as Jerry Angelo doesn’t spend it on a Dan Bazuin or Mike Okwo.  No promises there.

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  1. LET’S GET IT ON !!!!!!! Let’s silence these Packer fan’s early and enjoy it. Great topic Roy. It also does not make any sense to me at all. It is what it is and we just have to live with it.

  2. This is the way I want it. Let other teams have to come in to Soldier field when winter hits. The pairing is actually in our favor. Plus, Lovie does get his team ready for the first game of the year.

  3. I live in Tampa so how about they come on down here in December so I can call my friends in Chicago while I’m tailgating and complain about getting sunburn? As for the winter games, I know I’d rather watch a game with snow and able to see the breath of the linemen than watch some cushy dome game, that’s probably why.

  4. So, I was online at and came across the story of us signing Schaffer(spelling?). In the comments section an ignorant person, whom I assume was a Charger’s fan, had wrote how the Bears were going to suck this year and further more that Ron Rivera was a way worse defensive coordinator than the Charger’s previous defensive coordinator whom he called “Teddy”. Stating that “Teddy” had a better points per game average and yards per game average. I decided to do some research and thought I might post the findings here. Both Ron Rivera and “Teddy” coached eight games last season, “Teddy’s” defense gave up 24.875 points per game, and Ron’s defense gave up 18.5. “Teddy’s” defense yielded 371.625 yards per game while Ron’s gave up 328.25. My point being that I wish we had kept Ron Rivera because even using a man’s own players and coaching the last half of the season in which he faced 4 eventual playoff teams including the eventual Super Bowl champions, he can consistently outperform other defensive coordinators. I hope as always for a kick a** Bears season in which we win the Super Bowl, but if we don’t I kind of hope that we do poorly enough to fire Lovie in time for Ron Rivera to be looking for a head coaching job.

  5. higgins , i couldn’t agree more

  6. Higgins man, you’re shocking me, I’ve never heard you speak so anti-Lovie? Do my eyes deceive me? You’re always the epitome of positive vibes on the Bears!

  7. I am a Bears fan, not a Lovie Smith fan. Although, at this current time he is our coach, which means I have to give him unconditional support. At the same time, being a Bears fan, if Lovie is to be fired, I would love to see the Bears keep it in house and pick a coach who has played for the Bears. I really would have loved to see a samurai on the sidelines, but since he has a job in San Fransisco, another Bear would make me just as happy.

  8. I can attest that Ron Rivera would be a great head coach for the Bears. Reason being, I fired Lovie and hired Rivera in my Madden 08 video game on the Xbox 360, and I went on to win all my games including the Super Bowl. Video games don’t lie people! :)

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