Bears at Packers 2009

The Green Bay Packers beat the Chicago Bears 21-15 tonight.

Disappointing, yes.  Frustrating, hell yes, especially since the Bears had countless chances to pull this game out.

Jay Culer threw 4 interceptions-a career high.  I’m sure we’re going to hear some fans calling for his head and calling him a fraud.  Jeez, I’ve already seen some comments on the site saying so.

Let’s chill out a little bit.  It’s funny, all of the experts weren’t worried about the offense, but how the defense was going to stop the Packer juggernaut led by Aaron Rodgers and the “impending Packer dynasty” as I myself heard Michael Irvin declare on NFL Network this morning.

It’s frustrating as hell to know the Bears defense, even without Brian Urlacher, Pisa Tinoisamoa and a full-strength secondary, did a darn good job shutting down the juggernaut, only to lose it in the end.  And to see the Bears offense squander a lot of opportunities was truly frustrating.

I’m sorry, but if you concede the season after one bad game without seeing the positives like the play of the defense and some really good passing to Johnny Knox and Devin Hester, and some strong drives behind Matt Forte, you’re overreacting.

I know there are other fans than just me that saw 2 of Cutler’s 4 interceptions being the fault of young receivers.  Granted, you could tell Cutler was jitttery, but this is NOT the second coming of Rex Grossman.

Not the way I would have liked it to turn out, but let’s have some restraint on the negative, just as I hope some that proclaimed the 2009 Packers the beginning of the next dynasty should show some of that as well.

Let me end with this…do you as a Bears fan feel better right now about this season than you did after the Bears beat the Colts in the 2008 season opener?

I do.

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  1. I am still wondering about the fake punt though.

    That was odd.

  2. i feel really good about this season u gotta give cutler time to adjust u cant expect any quarterback to come into a game of that magnitude being his first real game with a team and throw for 300 or 400 yards and 3 tds it just doesnt work like that. cutler is what the bears need and the defense looked real good im truly excited for the first time since our super bowl run. we just gotta deal with favre and ap up there.

  3. As always, you’re totally on the spot Roy. It’s just one game, we have 15 more games to go

  4. One has to wonder what on earth that fake punt was all about. Packers score 3 there..Without that its maybe a different game, maybe not..You never know….

    I know injuries really hurt tonight. However, the Bears defense, minus the fact that Vasher got burned and they did not create any turnovers..created ALOT of pressure on Rodgers tonight.

    We’ll have to keep an eye on this Urlacher injury. I’ve heard early reports that its a dislocated wrist and he could be out for 4 weeks. Others have said that he shouldnt miss any time.. So I dont really know.

  5. i hope you guys enjoy the big baby jay cutler over in chicago.

  6. Amen brother! I thought you nailed the way I feel. I read a few of the “fans” comments on the Trib site this morning and was not surprised by all the “Cutler must go” nonsense.

  7. Cutler did have a lousy game. No two ways about that. I am sure he will still have a good season. But looking at the schedule I won’t be at all surprised to see this team at 0-3 after the next two games. For that reason I am not more optimistic than last year at this time, after the Colts game victory.

    The SCORE keeps playing the WTMJ call form last night — “dagger through the heart” on that final interception. Ouch.

  8. the o-line has to do a better job or this will be a short season.

  9. Roy, thank you! I came to your site first this morning, and glad to see intelligence in Bears talk! It’s lacking around here. Cutler had a bad game no doubt, and I did see Knox cut the other way on one of his INTs. What happened last night can be fixed. However, I will say losing both of your starting LBs is a concern…

    The schedule right now (the first three games) is by far the toughest stretch of the season. Had the Bears won tonight, my reaction would’ve been the same as last year when they won, it’s one game…

    And oh yeah, even with the 50-yard bomb at the end of the game, that great Packer offense had a whopping 226 yards yesterday. Christmas came early yesterday for the Pack…

  10. Yes, it was good to see the Dline get pretty good and consistent pressure on Rodgers for much of the game, and yes overall the D did a decent job shutting down the impending dynasty. Until Vasher got smoked, we had the game in hand.

    That play won the game, but look back to first and goal from the Packer 5 with 3+ minutes left, and we failed to punch that in. Yes, we took the lead with the FG, but in a road division game like that, you have to capitalize and make them pay. If we do, they need a TD to win, and it changes the complexion of the last series and maybe we close it down. But the O didn’t get it done there.

    The risk Mannelly took on the fake didn’t equal the reward. You may take that risk from midfield or Packer 40 or 45 if you’re 110% sure they have 12 on the field, but not from your own 30 when you already have the lead in a tight game. Wolfe was pointing off the field anyway to indicate the 12th guy got off, but Mannelly still snapped it to him anyway. We wind up losing 3 there, and with Cutler’s red zone pick looking for Forte we lost another 3.

    Despite how bad Cutler looked, we could have still won this one – more frustrating since it was the Packers and we had them on the ropes. Bigger picture is us with two more upcoming difficult tests while Packers could be 3-0 by then.

  11. I think Cutler looked amazing with the passes he did complete. Since I was born in 84′ i have not had the pleasure of actually watching a real hard throwing accurate QB. I blame 3 of those INTs on WRs. But not truly their fault either. What we are seeing are the effects of having Grossman and Orton for to long. The bad habits that the WR’s have are simply because they never had a QB they could trust. So when the get open they simply just stopped and said “HEY I’M OPEN THROW ME THE BALL” because that was the only way Orton and Grossman can complete a simple pass. They are not use to having a QB that can hit them in stride 9/10 times.

    Bad game, but i’ll tell you what. For all of the Pack hype and all the ppl picking them and the Giants in the NFC Championship game. THey didn’t impress me one bit. Put it this way, 5 years ago. If our QB threw 4 picks, what would have Favre and the rest of the Pack done to the bears. Back then the score would have been 42-3 prolly. So not all that impressed by this suppose ‘monster pack’ team.

    Coaching: just don’t know what to say, but something has to change. 1st half, Cutler and WRs are struggling. Pack is blitzing like crazy, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that a couple of swing passes to Forte need to be thrown.

    Whatever though, just the first game. Sucks losing to the Pack, prolly gonna go 0-2. But the season is long guys, plenty of football left to play.

  12. Rewatching the game…Omiyale needs to be replaced by Beekman at LG. Omiyale was constantly pushed around and burned. 2 of those Cutler INTs he is flushed out of the pocket thanks to Omiyale lack of ability to guard.

    Many people have said Jay Cutler is the second coming of Rex Grossman now…I dont see that, since Jay actually showed some good things in this game compared to Rex’s bad games when he had pretty much NOTHING to show in bad games.

  13. Heart…….Perserverence………Passion……….Promise……..
    You already see people calling for Jay Cutler’s head?
    Our best defensive player could be out for weeks?
    Nathan Vasher got embarrassed on a play action pass for winning score.(This one actually didn’t surprise me)
    The usually SUPERB Patrick Mannelly made a bonehead play?
    The Bears had a lead (albeit a SMALL one) with just over 2 minutes to play and could not hold on to it.
    One would think I am about to bash the Beloved Bears, right?
    This first game told me a few things.
    THE BEARS really want to win football games especially against their fiercest rival. (HEART)
    Our DB’s can play improved football when our d-line gets after the QB. Vasher will get his confidence back and maybe he will be the Interceptor again. (PERSERVERENCE)
    I feel so much optimism for this team…..
    I learned last night that Da Bears will OWN the NFC when they settle down. TOO MUCH TALENT on this team.

    The linebackers played very well without two starters. The defensive line was FAN-FLIPPING-TASTIC! The D made Aaron Rodgers look worse than his own receivers did (game winner not included).
    Adewale Ogunleye for Chicago’s mayor?
    Jsy Cutler looked shite most of the game and STILL ALMOST PULLED OFF A WIN.

    I purposefully included words in this note that I thought throughout the game. HEART.PERSERVERENCE,PROMISE.PASSION.
    THIS TEAM HAS HEART. They just tried to do too much. Beating the Packers was obviously very important to Cutler and it was his undoing. I will stand behind any QB that tries that hard against the Packers. THis TEAM has passion. They get after the other team with an urgency I have not seen since Ron RIvera was the defensive coordinator.

    I should be bummed. Dude?

  14. Well Bears fans…you were wared. While it isn’t all Cutler’s fault with the 4 INT’s he threw….in all truth the Packer’s had from my count THREE drop INT’s by your new franchise hero. Laughable performance. Watching him sulk, was priceless. Wait until you see what the Steeler’s and my Vikings do to your team. You have maybe one receiver in Devon Hester for Mr. Franchise to throw to…a nominal easily burned secondary…and now you have lost Urlacher. Welcome to an 8-8 season Bears, and how many draft picks did you give up for this Gunslinger, who looked like a fifth roud maybe a third stringer in Pre-Season….SKOL Vikings!

  15. Mark (Delusion), even with a very good defensive perfomance….your team didn’t rush the ball (FACT), Cutler “almsot” pulled it off…(RIDICULOUS)…it couldn’t have been worse for you if the Packers could have caught easy INT’s thrown right to them (TRUTH). You think you are going to win the NFC North (HILARIOUS), with what? (REALITY).. with Jay Cutler? (NEVER), you just gave up alot for an irresponsible gunslinging egomaniac who) (ANOTHER…FACT).


  17. I’m truly sorry that Bear’s fans are going to have to put up with Cutler…We here in Denver moaned and groaned for the past two years as this prima donna nutcase threw us into oblivion…he’s got a strong arm, that’s true, but as he launches future bombs into the 15th row of Soldier Field, remember these heady days when you all thought he was your savior…forget it.

    I don’t have Broncos season tickets…but my son does. After each home loss by the Cutler-lead Broncos, we’d call one another and compare when it was that the game ended for Cutler…each time the Broncos lost, something would happen – a blown 3rd down, an interception, something — where you could look into Cutler’s eyes as he loped off the field, and you knew he was done for the day…he just has this certain look in his eyes. My son, who would be at the game, and I, watching on TV, would compare notes and more often than not, we would agree when the game ended for Cutler, often in the 3rd quarter. Unfortunately, that’s when the game ended for the Broncos, too.

    I’m sorry for you Bears fans, I realy mean this, I am sorry…You have no idea that you got the biggest, sorriest baby in the NFL today. I only hope that maybe in a year or so, the Bears management will see it, too, and trade him away…and when they do, you’ll feel the same way I, and many, many Broncos fans felt..Good Riddance.

  18. Geotype…Yes Sir! The look in his eyes…it says it all. Yes he has a major gun, probably one of the biggest in the NFL. Big freakin’s deal. One thing he demonstrated, and demosntrate to the Bears, is he is NOT a leader of men…and his teamates are learning and going to learn it every week. Prima Donna…drama queen…meglomaniac are three polite terms for him…He really thinks he has it. He has little touch and cannot handle the pressure of leading an NFL offense. Too sporadic, to emotionally immature…what he lacks in undestanding he covers up with attitude. Other than that…he is outstanding. I am Vikes fan…so obviously this will and should be taken with a grain…or pound of salt., but this will go down as one of the biggest trade disasters for the Bears in my opinion.

  19. I agree with Geotype. I also live in Colorado and said all last year that Cutler needed to go. Inside the red zone he is a disaster. If Cutler get any pressure at all he is prone to throwing INT after INT. Was surprised last night that he did not have more. The first one came after the Pack dropped 2 others that should have been INT’s. He is a big baby always blaming his job on someone else. Yeah he is the only person who made a mistake last night, however, he is supposed to be the leader out there. Buck up and be a man instead of a sniviling prima dona. Maybe he should practice instead of having another GQ photo shoot.

  20. If Green Bay’s secondary could actually catch, he would have had six or seven INT’s. Way to go pretty boy.

  21. Just a note from a Bears fan here in the Mile Hi City. Jay Cutler suffered a lot of interceptions last night for the same reasons he did in Denver: (1) NO RUNNING GAME (last year Denver lost 7 backs to IR) (2) NO PLAY ACTION PASSES (see 1 above), (3) NO TIME TO THROW (see 1 and 2 above) and (4) LOUSY PASS ROUTES BY RECEIVERS (only one example of which was the failure to finish the TD route by Desmond Clark). Football’s a pretty simple game, but if you cannot run the ball (and FORTE had all of 55 yards for a 2.5 yards/carry average), YOU LOSE. When the line starts opening some holes and Cutler has the time to throw the rock, you will see 30 plus points/game!!! HAVE SOME FAITH…. BEAR IN THE WOODS.

  22. Even though Jay Cutler was under center the Packers with there fearsome defensive line bated us to throw the ball. They said go ahead and beat us on the pass. We’re gonna stop the rush and put pressure and Cutler and hope he turns the ball over. It worked like a charm. The Bears got straight out coached on the offensive side of the ball. Kudos to the defense. Perhaps with Lovie calling the plays we can be a top defense. Vasher’s gotta go though.

  23. ‘m not sure we’re in for “good Jay,bad Jay” ala Rex, but the complete package for a true “franchise QB” what ever that is included real game sense and uncanny vision of the field, as the play unfolds. I see a fine arm, but not the brain ….yet

  24. all i got to say is rex grossman under 5.0 passer rating cutlers bad days better than rexs best and same record as packers and alot more proven than packers

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