Bears Allow Pack Back In

The headline isn’t that the Bears lost to the Seahawks, although the third straight loss at home to the Pete Carroll team may end up being the big news of the year.

I was watching the game with my good Buccaneers fan friend. After this awesome defense we love to watch surrendered a 97-yard drive to lose the lead, I explained to him how in 2008 the Falcons threw one pass, kicked a field goal and beat the Bears. When Cutler hit Marshall for the 56-yard completion it was like deja vu. Unfortunately Robbie Gould’s 46-yard field goal, however brilliant, couldn’t win this game outright.

Being a Bucs fan I also knew my bud was familiar with Lovie’s “Tampa Two” defense, which has done us so well this year. Problem is, as we all know, late in the game they play bend-but-not-break and today they broke on two consecutive drives. Unfortunately our most exciting defense allowed Seattle to go 97 yards to go ahead in regulation, then after winning the overtime toss they went 80 yards to win the game.

Having missed the chance to stay a game up on Green Bay, the Bears now find themselves again chasing the wild card with games against the Vikings and Packers in the next two weeks.

I said it before and I’ll say it again, this 2012 Bears defense has unquestionably been the most fun to watch since 1985, but they lost this game. It happens. But the stakes are very high.

If I were Lovie Smith (and I’m not religious and perfect enough to be him), I might address the team by saying EVERYTHING IS A TRAVESTY WITH YOU. Seriously, the Bears lose despite playing great defense against the Packers and Texans because their offense can’t do crap. Today Jay Cutler plays as every bit the best Bears quarterback in their history, and their defense plays great for 58 minutes, but the D ends up losing the game.

Is what is is. The season hangs on the Bears winning out and beating the Packers at Soldier Field. If they don’t, they don’t deserve to be in the playoffs.

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  1. Rather than blame the defence I think the buck sttops with Lovie on this one and his decision to go for the first down rather than kick the field goal that would have eventually won us the game.

    The fact that we lost the toss for overtime meant the D stayed on the field for another massive Seahawks drive and you could they were running on empty. Credit too must go to the Seahawks and their QB.

    As you say we must beat the Packers at Soldier Field but first we have a crucial game against the Vikes and I think this game will be the key. Lose and its all over but get a win and then its a win or bust game verses Green Bay and we owe them a good beating.

    Special mention for Cutler too who looked top class – were we really debating getting shot of him a couple of weeks ago???

  2. I had a bad feeling about this game. Why do the Bears always seem to lose a game like this one? And what if they lose at Minnesota this Sunday? They’ll be in BIG trouble! Does anyone think that wins against the Pack and at the Lions are locks? They almost lost to Detroit at home in a game where they dominated the entire game! Lovie and his prevent defense drives me crazy. And going on 4th down sounds like an aggressive play, but to me it just seems like another time when Lovie went for it at the wrong time. And you’re right, if they don’t beat Green Bay, they don’t deserve to make the playoffs. If they don’t make it, is Lovie back next year? 7-1 to not making the playoffs????? Guys, the Bears have lost all 4 games against the 4 best teams they’ve played this year. They could end up 9-7. They HAVE TO BEAT Minnesota and need to beat Green Bay. If they don’t beat Minnesota, they probably will end up 9-7, which would be awful. Hell, what if Arizona beats em? Does anyone think that game is a lock? Lol!!! Doesn’t it just seem like they could “crap the bed” and lose at Arizona? Arizona is TERRIBLE!!! But to me, it seems like Lovie just expects to show up and they’ll win. Which is a dangerous mentality. I’ve seen too many teams get bit in the buns overlooking a sorry team and the whole season comes unraveled. Go Bears!!! Man up fellas and make a run!

  3. If they don’t make the playoffs, I think Lovie has to go. Lovie is a great guy, but not a championship caliber coach. I hope he proves me wrong.

  4. For those of you worried about the playoffs, the Bears have a two game lead against the rest of the teams out of picture, and hold the tie-breakers on all of those teams. The last four games are all conference games, so two wins will lock them up. Obviously, you want to finish strong and play your best ball, but getting in the playoffs is the most important thing.
    This was a bad loss. And, it means their margin for error is pretty much zero now. Had they won this game, they could’ve afforded a loss in the dome. I didn’t give the Bears a chance in that game, but things change about as often as the wind blows in the NFL.

    Hell, the Ravens had control of their game, at home against a third string QB, and lost. SF, who had complete control of their game, let the Rams tie on a bad fumble return late in the fourth quarter. As good as SF been this season, they’ve been taken to OT twice by the Rams.

    As for the fourth and 1 call, let me say I was against it from the get go. but, people need stop saying it would’ve made a difference in the game. No it wouldn’t. Had they kicked and made the FG, the game would’ve been tied when the Bears got the ball at their own 14 with 20 seconds left. They would’ve taken a knee and went to OT, like every other team in the NFL would. The game was lost when the Bears had good field position in the fourth quarter and couldn’t put any points on the board, and of course, the defense not getting off the field.

  5. Good comments all. JDM that is very true, I didn’t think of it that way. Whatever happen will happen. Biggest shame is how it looked like the Bears were totally in control of the game in the first half. As distressed as I am right now, it surely beats the Wanny/Jauron years.

  6. With 4 games left, it’s not too early to look ahead, as well as back – as in reviewing the last half of the last two seasons, since Lovie likes so much to divide/analyze things like this.

    To recap, last year: 7-3 start, 1-5 finish, no playoffs. This year, 7-1 start, 1-3 in next 4, with the very real possibility to finish 2-6 the last 8 weeks (besides already beating the Vikings last week, I’m counting only on beating the awful Cardinals the rest of the way.)

    At 9-7 that likely means no playoffs again, and consecutive meltdowns to end the year. You can blame injuries last year and in recent weeks this year all you want, but the Packers this year and last few have done just fine managing to weather the storm on this front.

    No doubt the season definitely isn’t over, but the trends are right there and can’t be ignored. Many people seem to be believing we will definitely beat either/or Vikings and Lions plus Packers the rest of the way, but both of those are going to be tough road games and definitely are no guarantees.

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