Bears’ Aching Secondary

Would like to mention the aching Chicago Cubs and how disgusting that was to watch last night, but that’s for another blog.

Apparently, the Bears could face the Lions and their only threatening position: wide receivers Charles Johnson and Roy Williams, without both starting cornerbacks.  Not a good thing.

Anyone happen to see this?  Travis Henry, the former promising Billis, Titans, Broncos running back, who fathered nine kids with nine different women, has been arrested on drug charges and faces a possible minimum 10 years in prison.

2007: Signs $22 million deal.

2008:  Potentially going away for a decade.

I just don’t get these guys.

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  1. Travis Henry doesn’t have to worry. When he gets out he can play for Cincy. The only thing worse than the Cubs game was the announcing. Is it to much to ask for people who don’t stumble over every other word to talk during a game. To Tony Gwynn, “Put down that meatball sub, and calmly back away!” He was skinny at the end of his career, but he wasn’t as fat as he is now. He even sounds fat, like opening his mouth when he talks is too much of a burden. I think Peanut and Vash will be good to go come game time. No worries! Go Bears!

  2. I meant to say he wasn’t skinny at the end of his career, not that he was.

  3. Letting go of Ricky Manning could turn out to be the Bear’s regret of the year. We hope not

  4. Ricky Manning. Chris Harris. What is our problem there?

  5. I remember Dick Stockton continually mangling names in last year’s Cub playoff debacle. Guess he’s doing it again. Should stick to football. I have friends ready to jump out of windows over the Cubs right now. If they blow it this year, my interest in the Cubs is going to seriously wane in 2009. I’ve been waiting for this season since about 1980.

  6. Again, positive Higgins here. It was the first game. We still have hope. I hate the fact that the most noise Cubs fans could muster was booing there own team. That is a bunch of bullshit. I know Soriano was swinging at some bad pitches, but booing him in the first game of the playoffs when your team just won the division, total bullshit. It was like we were playing at Busch Stadium our own players were getting booed so much. Make some noise!! (and I mean cheering)

  7. Well, apparently I was wrong about Vash. The Windy City GridIron is telling everyone he had surgery, but I haven’t heard anymore info on it from anyone. Tommie Harris is apparently being suspended for violating team rules? Anyone who finds out any more please let the rest of us know.

  8. I was wrong. Cedric Benson goes to Cincy.

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