Bears 19, Lions 14, 9-12-2010

Putting aside the baffling call that won the Chicago Bears the football game, about the most positive thing I can say is that the Bears won a game they were supposed to win.  But other baffling things still linger:

- Lovie Smith and his staff wouldn’t go for a touchdown on fourth-and-goal on the game’s opening drive, yet when they trailed by only one point with the game on the line in the same situation, they went for it and failed.  To me that was one of the biggest coaching gaffes I’ve seen by the Bears since Dave Wannstedt coached this team.   Sure it’s easy to second-guess a decision when it proves to be wrong, but I doubt many coaches wouldn’t have taken the three points to gain a lead.

- The Bears roll up almost 500 yards of offense, yet can’t score in the red zone and trail most of the game.

-  Chicago plays a dominant defensive game, yet lets Detroit drive the length of the field, almost giving up the game winning touchdown, to a journeyman quarterback.

The play of the defense, linebackers in particular, impressed me.  The offensive line play and failure to stop teams in key situations continues to scare me.

Tougher tests await in the next few weeks, will the Bears start 4-0 or 1-3?

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  1. Oh yeah, I almost forgot this one: I remember seeing quite a bunch of bears blitzing like crazy while leaving Johnson 1 on 1 on that near touchdown. I’m sick of that high risk/high reward stuff.
    And on that drive, when detroit as at 3rd and 9 or something like that, the CB was at maybe 12, made a nice tackle but evdently gave up the first down. I’m OK with playing soft zone, but if the opponent needs 9, why not have the CB at 9 and try to stop them there? isn’t 9 yards back soft enough?
    Lovie is trying to keep the game exciting until the end, right?
    Hated the coaching, loved the game.

  2. Thats typical of Lovie…remember GB last year? Defense plays a fairly brillant game..but gives up the game winning TD. 2008 against the Colts is the only year they went all through since the Super Bowl season (The year the coaching staff became Lovie’s cronies)…and that probably had alot to do with Peyton Manning being injured.

    In 2007, the Bears lead the Chargers 3-0 the entire game until the 4th quarter when Special teams has a turnover that gives the Chargers the ball at the Bears 29 yard line…Chargers score later, and score late in the 4th to put the game away 14-3.

    In 2008, the Bears actually play well all the way through to a 29-13 victory over the Colts…Of course Manning had just come back from knee surgery and wasnt 100% yet..regardless..Bears won.

    In 2009, the Bears offense is articious with Cutler throwing 3 picks in the 1st half. But the Bears hold a 15-13 lead with under 2 minutes left in the game. The defense allows a long play by GB for a 50 yard TD to take the lead and Cutler throws a game ending interception..Bears lose 21-15.

    My conclusion is that the defense has always played quite well in the 1st game of the season. After that it typically goes downhill except for games when the Bears play teams like the Rams, Browns, (use to be Lions), etc.

  3. And so while the Cowboys looked awful on offense last night and if Barron is still starting at tackle for the Cowboys next week, Peppers should have a field day.

    But Dallas does have a good defense. And I dont see how our offense will score at all against them. That said, it could be 0-0 going into the 4th quarter, but the defense will likely promptly give up a touchdown to Romo who scrambles to score in the last two minutes.

  4. Defense looked pretty good (better than I expected) up until that last drive. I thought they played way too soft on the last one, and should have blitzed earlier in the drive, not there at the end when Detroit was threatening. Linebackers looked great, especially Urlacher. We got pretty good play from our ends, but not much from our tackles. We need to get more consistent pressure from our front four. Offense looked real sloppy with the turnovers and penalties. Pass protection was OK (just OK) but run blocking was atrocious. I think swing passes to Forte and Taylor will replace our running game this season. I am actually OK with that, as long as it is effective. I loved all the plays with designed rollouts for Cutler. I thought he had a great game, minus the interception. He had a few nice throws and some nice runs as well. It’s going to be an interesting season, but we need to get better in a lot of areas.

  5. I kind of agree with Lovie’s call to go for it on the 6 inch line. I think his players really wanted it, I think they didn’t deserve any points if they couldn’t have it 1st and Goal at the one and not punch it in, and obviously he knew the defense would stand up (which they did) so I was with him. Yes they could have kicked the FG and still let the defense hold Detroit, but there’s another level of enthusiasm when a defense has the opposing team pinned at the one yard line instead of out at the 20 or wherever they would have returned a kickoff to.

    Agreed, it shouldn’t have been as close as it was, but the D looked really great at times and the offense shows promise if Cutler can STOP THROWING OVER HIS RECEIVER’S HEADS!! Oh and Greg Olsen deserves a slap to the face.

  6. The Bears were great on offense on Sunday. They rank #1 statistically in the NFL. They were great but almost lost the damn game because winning teams are not “great” on offense. They are EFFICIENT on offense. They were not EFFICIENT though. As Dan Jiggetts says on postgame live. “Moving the ball between the 20′s is just exercise. The objective in the game is to SCORE POINTS.
    My biggest concern is that the O-Line has GOT TO IMPROVE. They cannot get 6 flippin’ inches? I am hoping that the teaching of Coach Tice will remedy this.
    The Bears have an unforgiving schedule coming up and they have got to get it together or start preparing Todd Collins for when Cutler gets his head ripped off. (I shudder as I remember Frank “The Turd” Omiyale staring slackjawed as Jay Cutler is getting killed by the tackle he gave up his block on after 5 seconds)
    These Bears could be great. I am gulping the kool-aid but it is my favorite flavor “Navy and Orange”.
    It is week 2 and I still can see the possiblity of the O-Line becoming a cohesive unit that can grind them out on the ground and protect the QB. This has to happen with Tice as the O-line coach, but when? There is no time to watch them develop together over the course of the season. We can actually win, NOW.
    Mike Martz called a helluva game.
    Urlacher and Briggs played like they were possessed. Harris and Peppers may not have had crazy numbers but they lived in the backfield. (and the latter knocked out the opposing starting QB)
    The play of Forte and Cutler was good.
    You may say, “Yeah but it was the toothless Lions!”
    Not so fast, they are improved and remember just a couple years ago they had Green Bay back on their heels in a game at the beginning of the season. (Of course they always go back to the Lion tradition of losing in the 4th quarter)
    These Lions look A LOT better than last year. Please do not make the mistake of not taking that into consideration.

    Come on, Bears, show the world what you can really do when you are focused and playing together.
    Dallas 2011!!!!!!!

  7. Nice work Mark, thanks for your opinions!

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