Bad Rex in Effect

I was a complete Rex Grossman backer in 2006.? The only thing that really, really bothered me was his penchant to drop snaps from center during his bad games.? (If my memory serves me correctly, I don’t remember him having this problem during his good games).

So it frustrated me greatly to see Bad Rex fully resurface Monday night in his return trip to his home metro area against a true measuring stick of an opponent.? In the game, Grossman fumbled two snaps from center, had another ball knocked out of his hand, and through a very ill-advised interception.

Grossman says this will all be taken care of before the regular season, and let’s hope so.? Strangely, ESPN’s Ron Jaworski likes what he sees of the quarterback.

Here’s Mike Mulligan’s take on Grossman.

I wouldn’t say the first-team defense played great, but they did have an awesome goal-line stand.? I love the intensity of sophomore defensive tackle Dusty Dvoracek.

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