Back out of Contention

I’m pretty much speechless after that one. When the Bears decide they need a running back, they reach at number four and take a Cedric Benson, a guy labeled as “like Ricky Williams but not as good.” When the Vikings need one, Adrian Peterson falls to them at pick seven.

I guess all I can say is I heard a couple people at the game, reaching for some person to blame, calling out that Cedric Benson and/or Ron Turner were to blame for this loss. Huh? Your defense allows 311 rushing yards and somehow it’s the offense’s fault?

One positive I saw was Brian Griese showing that he can hit some critical throws with the game on the line (against a pretty bad pass defense).? Oh, and Devin Hester…is…there is no word to describe him at this point.? When a team has a player that returns a punt 89 yards for a score and also catches an 81-yard touchdown pass, that team should not lose.? Which makes this all so much more maddening.

Other than that, all yesterday’s game did was remind me that 2006 is long gone, and this team has a hell of a lot more holes to fill than anyone would have dared guess in July and August.

In case you didn’t hear, Adrian Peterson’s 224 yards were the most the Bears have ever given up in their 88 seasons to one running back. And Peterson’s 361 total yards were the third most in NFL history tallied by one player in a game. This is not just losing-it’s losing ugly.

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  1. 311 rushing yards. That’s pretty much all I have to say. Do people realize that happens almost never in the NFL???

  2. On WMVP they asked Mongo if he’d ever been on a defense that gave up even 200 yards rushing. His response: “Are you kidding?”

    At what point do we start playing for the draft pick?

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