Atogwe Still Free, Bears Won’t Pounce

Wow.  Safety O.J. Atogwe became an unrestricted free agent on June 1st, and as of today, the 3rd, he’s still available to any team.  And surprisingly, teams have lined up to say they don’t want him, which baffles me.

I realize the Bears say they’re out of money to spend and it’s not going to happen, but with Chicago’s safety position still a question mark, I can’t help but think how much better Atogwe would make the entire defense.

Then again, I also think the Bears need to sign a guard, backup quarterback, and I agree with Dan Pompei that their cornerback position is so thin it’s scary.  Forget about what Jay Cutler and Julius Peppers bring to the Bears, should the fragile Charles Tillman or the equally fragile Zackary Bowman, or both, go down, the 2010 season is lost.

So as much as I gush about Atogwe, I’m much more concerned about the Bears’ cornerbacks, the more I think of it.

2 Responses to “Atogwe Still Free, Bears Won’t Pounce”

  1. Haha, I like how you talked yourself out of Atogwe while writing the article, that’s funny and I agree. I haven’t thought about the cornerbacks, good point. I go back and forth from thinking “they could be really good” to “this season will be a disaster”.

  2. Why have we not picked up Atogwe?! Who cares? And trade for Haynsworth.

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