Arkush on Bears’ Situation

For the record, I could not stand Hub Arkush for a number of years. When he served as an extension of the Bears’ organization as a part of their gameday crew, he was practically intolerable in my opinion. Constantly condescending to the fans (i.e. “let me explain this a little better for the fans, who don’t understand”), unbending that his opinion was the only one, and quick to lash out at any person that dared question any decision made by Dick Jauron or Dave Wannstedt, because the former coaches were both “wonderful men.”

That being said I guess we can all change in our old age. Now that Arkush doesn’t work as an extension of the organization, he (surprise!) sounds like another frustrated fan. So I have allowed myself to enjoy his analysis even after I swore I’d never be able to.

I rarely have time with my schedule to listen to his reports on WSCR, but today after work I did. And I thought he did an admirable job of acknowledging and outlining the current frustration of Bears fans. This evening, Arkush said:

- How long do Bears fans have to endure the organization running the team by throwing darts at a dartboard?

- According to what he’s been hearing as publisher of Pro Football Weekly, the prospect of the Bears hiring Tim Ruskell is “very real.”

- He was very hard on Ted Phillips, saying he obviously “knows nothing about football” (direct quote) and the fact that he is clearly in charge should scare Bears fans.

- He hears that the Bears are frustrated that the best GM candidates aren’t knocking down the Bears door, rather than the team showing that they are going out to land the best candidate.

It’s all speculation by the media fans, I realize this. But how does this make you feel?

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  1. Hub already knows the answer to the question he asked: (“How long do Bears fans have to endure the organization running the team by throwing darts at a dartboard?”) As long as the McCaskeys allow clueless Ted Phillips to run things, it’s ‘bidness’ as usual. And since he was able to broker the deal for the upgraded stadium and pad the McCaskey coffers, don’t look for that to change for a very, very long time. Sad times. Truly sad times.

  2. Couldn’t agree with you more about Arkush’s improvement since leaving team run radio.
    As to your question, “But how does this make you feel?”–worried and angry.

  3. Worried and angry is right on MTS, and since NO ONE seems to have interest in the Bears GM job, (for obvious reasons) we should be very worried. While the Bears list just came out..courtesy the score, non of the prospects are standouts… and to Roy on Hub.. was he an older era of zack?

  4. I try not to get too worked up by media hubbub, it doesn’t really change my feelings about the Bears’ GM search, nobody knows what is going on behind closed doors. I like the guys their bringing in and I’ll bet a decision is made in the next 2 weeks that doesn’t involve the hiring of Ruskell as GM.

  5. Nice positive attitude Perno…(seriously).

    Brian I don’t think Zach is as condescending as Hub used to be, but I catch your drift.

  6. I like that Hub’s honest about the problems he sees. I always try to catch Tribune Live whenever he’s a guest.

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