Angelo Pulls Another Homer

More details are emerging about the situation I was quite curious about last night.  The very moment it was speculated that the Bears screwed up, my thought was “Angelo is going to need to make this right, or with the way the NFL works, teams will refuse to do business with him in the future.”  That’s the way the NFL works, on reputations.

In all fairness, Jerry Angelo has presided over 4 playoff seasons, 2 NFC Championship games at home and a Super Bowl appearance in his 10+ seasons as Bears general manager.  Compared to Wanny, the late Mark Hatley and Dick Jauron, we should be happy.

But it seems that once again, Angelo has “pulled a Homer” while supervising simple process details in his organization.  I’m sure many–but maybe not all–will remember what happened during Angelo’s very first free agency period in the spring of 2002.  Simply because Angelo or his staff failed to check boxes indicating “compensation required for restricted free agent,” literally, the Bears lost receiver D’Wayne Bates to the Minnesota Vikings and had to grossly overpay for linebacker Warrick Holdman.

Today the Baltimore Ravens seem to be insisting that they receive the Bears’ fourth-round draft pick as was their agreement last night.  According to the Ravens, Angelo or his staff failed to follow the known process for executing the trade.

Looks like we may now be missing a quality fourth-round choice.  And if the deal was in place but Angelo or his staff fumbled, I think the Bears are going to have to make it right.  It’s a shame since all teams got who they wanted, but it is what it is.

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