Jerry Angelo Getting Cute

I’ll make a few comments on Brad Biggs’ article today.  Thanks to all for the spirited conversation on yesterday’s post.

  • Chris Williams put on pads for the first time since his back surgery yesterday.  I’m actually shocked that outside of allowing three sacks in the first half of last Sunday’s game, the offensive line has looked solid to me, for all their deficiencies.  Maybe particular credit needs to go to second-year left guard Josh Beekman, whose name I really have never heard called?  Which is pretty much the best thing you could possibly say for a guard?
  • Matt Forte leads the NFL in carries, and must lead in total touches.  Wow-I didn’t think about this.  I really would like to see Kevin Jones in there for a couple series rather than have Forte wear down in week 8, which is what commonly happens to rookies.
  • Lovie on Mark Bradley: “sometimes divorce is a good thing.”  Wow.  I would absolutely love to know exactly what Bradley did to get in Smith’s doghouse sometime in 2006, because it’s obvious he never got out of it.  Granted though, the fact that 31 other teams passed on making a waiver claim for him is very telling.

Just one more word on Bradley.  Two actually.  I know the draft is a crapshoot–Bill Belichick and Scott Pioli “miss” on players just like everyone else does.  (Come on though, Belichick and Pioli have to have a hell of a lot better percentage of hits than Angelo and company).  However, in the 2nd round of 2005, wouldn’t offensive tackles Michael Roos or Adam Terry, or linebacker Lofa Tatupu look really good right now in Bears’ uniforms?  They were sitting there when Bradley was taken.

I was watching the draft with a friend when that happened.  After we were both disgusted with the selection of Cedric Benson (yes, we really were, not making that up in hindsight), we were very puzzled by the Bradley pick.  We both darted to our draft guide magazines, which listed around 50 wide receiver prospects in the ’05 draft.  I kid you not–Bradley was not listed in the top 50 prospects of either publication.  “Angelo must really know what he’s doing,” we surmised.

But if one thing is clear now, it’s not that he absolutely doesn’t know what he’s doing.  But for some reason, he started making “cute” picks from 2005-2007.  Bradley, not listed in any draft guide.  Danieal Manning with his top pick from a tiny school in ’06.  Dan Bazuin in the second round in ’07, who anonymous NFL talent evaluators have said just flat out can’t play.

Angelo and Lovie are locks to stay in their jobs until 2012 or whenever it is.  Believe me, the Bears will go 0-16 in 3 straight years before Ted and the family will eat those contracts.  So short-term job security isn’t a concern for those guys.  But if Angelo wants to be employed for more than three years, he better have learned to knock off the “cute” picks.

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  1. I know we never should be paying attention to training camp reports, but every report I heard about Bradley, he was always getting his ears chewed by the receivers coach. Take it for what it’s worth. It was time to give Bennett and/or Riddeau a chance anyway.

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