Angelo and Smith Feeling Heat?

It’s good to see the national media picking up on this (but watch out “real” media elitists, this guy is a member of the “not so brave world of blogging)…

Mike Florio of writes both on his site and in a piece he links to on the Sporting News that Jerry Angelo and Lovie Smith should both be candidates for dismissal if their Bears don’t turn things around in 2009.

I’m glad to see him write this.  I think a lot of us get caught up in “Angelo and Smith did take the Bears to a Super Bowl in 2006…” but a good point made that may be overlooked for some is the fact the Bears have made the postseason exactly twice in Angelo’s eight-year tenure.  And I agree, they need to make some real progress or it may be time for regime change.

Problem is, the McCaskeys have never been quick to change regimes.  Angelo and Smith will both have 2 GUARANTEED years left on their contracts after the 2009 season.  Unfortunately, in my opinion, Angelo could blow another draft and Smith could coach 2 back-to-back 0-16 teams, and we’ll still see them back for the final year of Smith’s deal in 2011.  And unfortunately anyone who thinks the Bears will pay Angelo through the end of his contract in 2013 without employing him no matter what the results is misguided.

It’s the McCaskey way.

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  1. Do you think the Bears will pursue Gibril Wilson? He is a good safety, he was just making too much money. With the loss of my man crush Mike Brown, we are going to need somebody back there.

  2. As I pointed out yesterday, Angelo’s basic public comments/message so far are “Lovie and his staff will correct all problems we’ve had, so there’s no need to do anything else right now.” I read a string of ridiculous comments yesterday from him saying the problems can be easily solved and there is no lack of talent on the roster right now (dead wrong), not looking at free agency, etc. I don’t have the time to list out everything he said the other day, but those reading this will know what I’m talking about. That leaves one question: OK then, so what are they doing with the extra cap space $$ they have to work with?

    One last point: I’ve seen it written in the last few months that Michael Vick is going to get a second chance, and that is nearly certain to happen. Since the Bears have not yet shown any rational line of thinking or confirmed interest to actually getting someone to challenge Orton (i.e. Simms, Leftwich), I’m assuming no one in LF would have the guts to look at Vick as someone to do that. I just read today that the Vikings may be interested in doing the exact same thing. I really could care less about what he’s done in the past. Sure, he’ll be rusty, but what have you got to lose when your starter, as of now, if Orton goes down, is Caleb Haynie. Vick would be a distraction and a lightning rod for criticism, but so what. I’m sure he’ll be looking to prove he can still play at a high level. And even Vick at 75% would be better than Orton at 100%.

  3. Actually, at 100% Michael Vick has a career 75 passer rating, which is worse than Orton. No talent? Seriously? Do you not watch football? We went 9-7 last year, and beat some really good teams. I have to believe that they are right, because if we could close games out, which is a coaching mistake, we would have been an easy 12-4 last year. Watch football. Don’t jump on the hate band wagon.

  4. Higgins, sorry, I could not disagree with you more. Talk all you want about not finishing games, we should have had 12 wins, etc., but if you can’t close games in the NFL, you won’t win, plain and simple, end of story. Closing is what the league is all about. Look no further than the home opener last year against Tampa, we let a 10 point lead get away in the last 5 minutes, then lose on a bonehead penalty by Tillman. That one loss alone was representative of several like it the rest of the year – lack of discipline and an aging defense unable to make stops and nowhere near what it was in 2006. A few talent “examples” for you: Is Vasher talented? What about Dvoracek? Rashied Davis? Tillman played hurt, I’ll give him that, but he also had a terrible year out there and I have never really liked him much.

    Higgins, I watch every game and have been a fan for nearly 30 years. I know what I’m talking about and I know what I can see with my eyes, we can all see it. Why can’t you? The talent in many areas, and in particular the defense, is aging rapidly. You’d have to be a fool to sit here and say that no changes anywhere are needed. Are you saying you buy in to what Angelo’s logic and point of view is – that coaching, including Marinelli, is going to all of a sudden magically improve us dramatically and the talent we have is fine? If your answer is yes, then I think you are absolutely in the minority in terms of what most Bears fans think right now. And if you believe what Angelo is saying, than what does that say about Lovie’s coaching abilities the last 2 years, or Babich’s abilities, for example? Lovie NEVER even makes in-game adjustments, so now you’re telling me all of a sudden he’s going to radically change the way he coaches entire games? After he just said a few weeks ago that the defensive philosophy they have works – when it doesn’t? Please Higgins, get real.

    Re: Vick. I didn’t go waste my time researching his career numbers before I threw that out there. But if he can get anywhere near the form he used to be, he’s a mobile QB that forces defenses to adjust and he’s got a good arm. Bottom line, he makes things happen, as opposed to Orton, who is immobile and still has trouble throwing a deep ball and is pretty much a one-dimensional QB. I didn’t say go get Vick and give him the keys to the BMW. I said consider him as someone to bring into camp to compete for the job – so what in the world would you have to lose by doing that? If you’ve got a better idea, let’s hear it. Because it looks more and more every day like Simms or Leftwich aren’t happening, leaving few options to compete with Orton, which was supposedly going to be a focus in the offseason.

  5. Thank you for backing up my statement that we can’t finish games. I don’t know what point you were trying to correct me on. The defensive coaching against a no-huddle offense lost those games. Orton was hot before the injury and deserves a chance to prove consistency. When did I say no changes were needed? Don’t put words into my mouth. I simply disagreed with you statement implying there was a lack of talent on this team. I may be in the minority of Bears fans who believes this team is still a good overall team. The same minority who said we would have a winning season last year. All I am saying is that on every blog or web page I go to, all I hear is “fans” bashing their Bears. Here’s an idea: try being supportive. GO BEARS!!!

  6. bears fans please, unite! don’t fight amongst ourselves when we can hate the fudgepack, the viqueens, and whatever the hell the lions are, together. the bears need work. oh yes! alot of it. those close games we lost nobody will remember how they were lost. lets not let some of those games get so close in the end. lets have a front four who can rush the passer without an all out blitz every play. lets get a wide out that can catch! lets do something in free agency, oh please lets do SOMETHING!!! Haynsworth, TJ, G.Wilson, leftwich, taylor, etc! we could use all those guys and will will not sign one!!! IM GOING CRAZY!! alas, with all that said, lets crack open a beer and see what happens. GO BEARS! C

  7. Higgins, it sounded to me like you were saying that you backed Angelo’s line of thinking that the coaching staff is sound, the player talent is already there, and there are no significant player changes needed. That’s what Angelo’s message the other day was, and my interpretation of what you wrote was that you agreed with that. If that’s not the case, then I misinterpreted what you said.

    But my view is that significant player changes ARE needed, be it through the draft, free agency, etc., and I don’t think Lovie is going to change much of anything in the way he really does things – him retaining Babich and launching some position coaches instead to save his buddy is a good example of that. Whether or not he is taking responsibilities from Babich is not the point. All of the past failures on Angelo’s watch over the last several years are his responsibility, and I’m not going to list every one of those here, Roy’s already documented them all over this site. So Angelo constantly has to double back nearly every year to try to correct all of the past few years’ mistakes (i.e. drafting Forte as a result of Benson debacle).

    My take on Orton is that he was pretty stable, got hurt, then wasn’t the same. How much of that was because he was on bad ankle we may never really know. But he made plenty of poor in-game decisions the second half of the season that were not because of a sore ankle.

    My statement about looking at Vick to challenge Orton was just an idea, simple as that. But I think I know the Bears well enough to know that they are never, ever going to pursue that possibility due to the hierarchy in place in LF. And maybe I will be proven wrong and we will actually see Simms or Leftwich or someone else in camp – I really don’t care who. But if we go to camp with Haynie and Basanez behind Orton, that’s further proof right there on an already overflowing pile of it that Angelo just doesn’t get it.

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