Anderson, Grant, Moss

Yesterday the Bears cut fifth-year defensive end Mark Anderson and signed former Saint Charles Grant from the UFL.  Bit of a surprise to me, but not much fretting.  Yes, Anderson tallied 12 sacks his rookie season, and has done virtually nothing since.  It was time to move on.

In non-Bears news today, however, comes the real shocker.  Apparently the Minnesota Vikings have agreed to a trade and new contract with receiver Randy Moss.  This one is a shocker to me.  It really shows that the Vikings are desperate to try to squeeze one more title out of the ancient one before his body falls apart.  And you never know-this may work out for them.  But it also may not, as the lack of a wide receiver to me was only one of the Viking problems that led to a 1-2 start.

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  1. We’ll see what happens. But once Rice is healthy…can anyone stop the Vikings? Unless Brett Favre is the real answer to why the Vikings are not doing well on offense.

  2. Couldn’t we have given a try at converting Anderson to an OL before releasing him?
    Hope Grant won’t be a bust; i guess they’re trying to get players that are motivated or that can mentor Wootton and Melton. Funny though, as in the end, we swapped Brown for Grant, who has not been more productive than Brown lately.

    Meanwhile, Minnesota is addressing its top need; now if a Favre-to-Moss combo will work against the Bears, that will be interesting to watch.

  3. Mark Anderson has always been a pile of crap to me. I swear 90% of the sacks from his rookie season came when he was unblocked for some reason or another. I never saw him take over a defender and always saw him celebrating on standard plays. Good riddance to Anderson…I just wish The Beloved would have kept Alex Brown, always have. Ahh well, wish in one hand….

    Yeah the Vikings could potentially be SCARY good. Stack the box to stop AP? Oh I’ll just throw it to Randy Moss deep, Sidney Rice mid-range, or Percy Harvin streaking across the middle. 4 man rush? Here you go AP, have fun getting 8+ yds per clip! Just like Scott said, hopefully the Vikings woes are due to Favre.

  4. Perno, I agree with you–I’m still trying to grasp how the Bears’ defensive line was so scary good in 2005 and 2006 and went south so quick. You’re right that Anderson was unblocked a lot–which means other rushers were so good that all attention was paid to them. Was Tommie Harris really that good and thus dropped off SO much afterwards? Or was it that Tank Johnson added that much more to it, hard to believe since he’s done nothing since he moved on. Were Ogunelye and Brown that good? Who knows. Yes, we’ll see on the Vikings, I certainly hope they don’t go on a tear but nothing I can do but watch. Chicago really got their just reward for releasing Brown, didn’t they? If it was simply the salary dump, they could have at least told him they would match or beat any offer he got from another team. I think he’s making around $2 million now.

  5. Roy, I think Tommie and Tank might have been a good combo along with Ian Scott backing up. Going into 2007, you lost both Tank and Scott. Tommie Harris I think proved in 2007, he was that good by himself as he posted a career high 8 sacks. But then the injuries really started to happen and Tommie completely fell off the radar.

    Ogunleye was on the downfall starting in 2006. He still put in a decent season, but clearly was starting to lose his former ability he had with Miami and the Bears in 05 and 06.

    Brown to me was our most consistent lineman. He averaged 6 sacks a year, and was played in 16 games for 6 straight seasons. He wasnt the greatest by any means, but was still a good player, and to me a player we could have used and would have been a good tangent with Peppers.

  6. I think Brown and Ogunleye were good, solid players who gave their all on every single down. They commanded the full attention of whomever lined up against them, not to mention a lot of chip-blocking and help-outs from running backs and tight ends. When he was in his prime, which is not that far back, Alex Brown was the quickest player off the ball I have ever seen. I wish we still had either one of those guys now. Like stated above, Anderson didn’t do sh!t this year, so I don’t mind seeing him go. I believe Grant only received a one-year deal, so he really has something to prove if he wants to continue playing in this league. I really hope we get some production out of him.

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