And Jones’ Agent Was Right…

The Chicago Tribune is reporting that the Bears have indeed signed former Lion running back Kevin Jones. Whether they’re right about being first to report the visit, as the Tampa paper reported the imminent signing, is questionable.

But regardless, this is good news to me. I hope “Higgins” is right and the team can afford to keep 4 running backs, but I don’t think that is likely.

Keep in mind, the Bears have signed veteran backs to one-year deals before, only to cut them in camp (see Tony Hollings in 2006, Skip Hicks in 2001).

This also speaks volumes about Shaun Alexander, a stud in 2005 that is now out of work and can’t find a job.

4 Responses to “And Jones’ Agent Was Right…”

  1. Technically, I said that Garrett Wolfe would have to earn a spot by stepping up his Special Teams game, making it worth the roster spot to keep a fourth back, but regardless. The people who make the final spots on the roster are the ones who can help you out the biggest and in the most ways. That being said, I hope Kevin Jones is as good this year as he is confident.

  2. Who will start then Kevin Jones or Matt Forte? As for Shaun Alexander I quote “Da Coach” “One day your in the parade the next day your watching it.

  3. I just can’t see the Beloved cutting Wolfe with only one year to prove himself, unless he’s just TERRIBLE. I would guess the roster spot is between Wolfe and Jones, and Wolfe has the upper hand being a high draft pick of this regime. Not to mention cutting Wolfe will probably be a decent hit to the cap since he has, what, 3 years left on his contract? Am I wrong?

    Whomever shows the most promise stays on the team while the other is cut, with Jones having to show a LOT to get a spot. Just the way I see things as a complete outsider that knows nothing about how a team is run.

  4. Garrett Wolfe makes around $525,000 a year, which would not be a tremendous cap hit. I think it shows how little faith the Bears have in him A) because of the limited amount of carries they gave him last year even with Cedric Benson hurt B) he only had four tackles on special teams last year. At 5-7 he was a gamble, and definately was drafted too high. Like I said previously, I love to see people out perform their physical limitations, but he has something to prove in camp. Jones is a back who has rushed for over a thousand yards in a season, the Bears wouldn’t have signed him if they didn’t think that he was either going to compete with Matt Forte or be used in tandem. Since the Bears signed him I have to assume that the check up the doctors did on that knee went better than well. We all love Garrett, but he has to prove it starting a week from today.

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