And Denver Has Its Lot

The Denver Broncos’ windfall from the Bears in the trade for quarterback Kyle Orton is complete.  Well not quite, we have to see what they do with the Bears’ original #84 pick in the third round tomorrow.

But today, in addition to selecting defensive end Robery Ayers from Tennessee, the Broncos traded the Bears 2010 first-round pick to Seattle for the Seahawks’ second-round selection.  With that pick they took cornerback Alphonso Smith from Wake Forest.  NFL Network draft guru Mike Mayock commented that he never would have traded next year’s first for this year’s second, nor would I.

So Denver gained Ayers and Smith and whomever they select late in the third round tomorrow.  The Bears have Cutler.  Time will tell, but no way I’d trade Cutler for what Denver now has.

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