All is Well, Right?

Lovie says he likes his players, and they’ll play better when the real games begin.

Jerry Angelo went out of his way to call reporters together to refute a report from

All is well in Lake Forest. Right.

3 Responses to “All is Well, Right?”

  1. I don’t know where to begin. It’s great that Lovie likes his players — that’s nice — and “play better” is pretty realtive. So, does he mean they’ll go from mediocre-at-best to somewhat average once the real games begin?

    Who knows. Maybe they’ll shock us against Indy. I like to think they will.

  2. Da Bears!
    Beat Indie

  3. I know they’re 0-3. And I’ve certainly been through this enough to know better. But if we can provide a steady offense (which I think is all up to the O-Line right now), I think we can be good. Not just somewhat average, but actually good.

    I guess I still have that “it’s almost football season!” glow.

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