All Hail Dusty

Couple quick notes from today’s Chicago Tribune.

Dusty is back! (And I’m not talking about Dusty Baker being in town with the Reds). Defensive tackle Dusty Dvoracek will get his first game action tonight since the 2007 season opener, when he tore his ACL in the only game in which he’s played as a Chicago Bear. In the article, Vaughn McClure writes that Dvoracek’s game experience in two years with the Bears is one game. Not actually correct, he didn’t even last one game, but who’s splitting hairs.

The article recounts his injury history: foot kept him out the entire 2006 season, then the ACL, and this past offseason he broke a finger and pulled a leg muscle in light work. I like Dusty and he seems like a great disruptive force at tackle, but my over/under on games played for him is 5. Which may be another over/under I’m thinking about for the Bears 2008 season…more on that later.

Also in the article, Fox’s Troy Aikman (calling tonight’s preseason game) says the following: “I don’t think the question is so much whether [Kyle] Orton is the right choice for the Bears as much as how much does [Rex] Grossman not being the guy set the organization back. They expended a lot with the assumption that he was the future. The Bears are obviously not enamored with Orton either, or he would have been the guy a long time ago.”

An apt, and unfortunate, summary.

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