Alex Brown Escorted from Halas Hall

Apparently, former Bears defensive end Alex Brown announced via his twitter feed that he showed up at Halas Hall and was promptly escorted from the building.

The linked story doesn’t explain why he visited Halas Hall, I can assume it was simply to visit former friends while they were attending OTA’s.

Granted, I don’t know protocol for players of other NFL teams visiting other facilities while workouts or practices are going on.  But please tell me what the big deal is here?  We love you for your eight above-average years in Chicago, Alex, but you play for the New Orleans Saints now.  What would happen if a Packers player would show up at Halas Hall while practices were in progress?  Right, I assume security would escort that player out.

Someone tell me if I’m missing something here?

2 Responses to “Alex Brown Escorted from Halas Hall”

  1. Yeah agred, you’re the enemy now Alex. Get outta Dodge!

  2. Alex Brown couldn’t bust through a line of overweight security guards? Maybe we were right to let him go.

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