Adios 2009 Chicago Bears

Can’t say I’m disappointed to see this season end.  I’m pretty surprised to have seen the Bears turn what was a probable 5-11 finish into a 7-9 season following the 36-30 win over the Vikings and today’s 37-23 defeat of Detroit.  And I’m sorry to say it, fans, but in my opinion I think the two wins and Jay Cutler’s strong performances have bought not only Lovie Smith his job for 2010, but Ron Turner as well.

I think some people misinterpret me when I say these things.  I’m not saying by any stretch that I think Lovie and Ron should be back.  I just think they will, whether I like it or not.

It’s a foregone conclusion that Lovie will be back.  And I’m sure we’ll find out this week if Ron Turner will be back.  Maybe Smith/Turner are forced to fire offensive line coach Harry Heistand and/or QB coach Pep Hamilton, but I think Jerry Angelo bought everything he needed to bring everyone back with the two wins to end the season.

All he needed was something, anything to sell the fans that there is promise for 2010.  Personally, I don’t think there is any promise for 2010, but now Angelo can try to sell false hope based on two wins.  Just wait-this is what he will do.

And 2010 will be every bit as ugly as 2009, in my opinion.

Happy New Year.  Here’s hoping 2010 is better for the Bears.  There’s always hope for the following season.

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  1. Yeah, in terms of how the last two games played out, you can guarantee that Angelo and all of the McCaskey idiots in LF were looking for any excuse to justify the inevitable fan base outrage when Lovie is inevitably retained. And two meaningless wins, the last of which against a Division 3A Lions team, will ensure Lovie’s having a celebration dinner tonight.

    Essentially, what I was afraid of happening has happened – two wins that to all the Lovie lovers and handful of misguided members of the media will mask a roster full of garbage led by a one of the most incompetent coaching and management staffs in the NFL. I’m sorry, but it’s just plain stupid for anyone to look at these last two games and have even minimal feelings that this team is anywhere close to being a playoff caliber team, which is nowhere near the case. In our own division, the Packers are stacked for years and the queens are well above us in all areas (yeah, we beat them, but that was a mirage).

    If Turner is retained, I think season ticket holders should be outraged. As I have said for months, until Lovie and Angelo are gone and the Phillips-McCaskey tag team of incomptence are gone, we are going to be a non-factor in the NFC. Look at Lovie’s body of work since the SB and the roster of garbage we have, and even a clueless fool like Mikey could figure out this team is headed nowhere.

  2. FWIW, I just saw WGN’s wrapup and Rich King said that sources inside the Bears say Lovie is staying but Turner is gone, and there will be new coaches on the defensive side too.

    I don’t know if Lovie should be back, but I think it’s pretty much assured that he’s here so it’s not worth much debate. Ron Turner is still up in the air.

    I can make a case for keeping Turner, and it goes like this: Next season, I think, is going to be a referendum on Lovie. So pretty much you want to maximize your return next season, instead of “building for the future” or whatever. In that case, changing to a new offensive system might cause problems in getting the personnel to adjust to the new system. If you keep Turner in, everyone has a year (at least) of familiarity with the system and you can build on that. Or in other words, do you want to spend a year getting everyone acclimated to a new offensive system if there’s a good chance you’re going to ditch it the next year?

    I mean, the truth is that our offensive system hasn’t really been bad this year. We’ve more had problems with playcalling for that system (and our offensive line executing). So, I guess optimally what you would want is to bring in an OC that runs the same or similar system to Turner’s but is a much better playcaller, or possibly keep Turner but give a new guy playcalling/gameplan duties.

    I want to reiterate that I’m not advocating sticking with Turner; this is more of a devil’s advocate argument. I think OCs can implement a system in one year, and you can see benefits right away from switching to a new system. You just have to get a GOOD OC, and who knows what the possibilities of that are.

  3. Mike Imrem of the Daily Herald had a good take on what the Bears should do since they dont want to pay Lovie $11 million not to coach the Bears..its an interesting read:

    As far as Ron Turner…Turner’s main problem is his lack of creativity. We run the same packages with the same plays constantly in games. There is little to no adjustments in the scheme and on a day we play a defensive coordinator with as much intelligence as Ron Turner, Turner’s offense looks brillant, when we play a D-Coordinator that knows what is coming, well you see how the Bears offense goes.

  4. I’ll admit I’m crazy but the Bears offense looked pretty good these last two weeks. Sure one of the weeks was vs the lowly Lions, but the other game was against one of the best teams in the NFL – the Vikings. I’ll also admit I could see the Bears keeping Turner to build on the success the offense had at the end of the season, and I can’t really blame them.

    I agree Roy, I think these last 2 games saved Lovie for sure, and possibly even Turner. Now the Bears are only missing a few more pieces to the puzzle to make a Super Bowl run next year. These little pieces are 1) An offensive line 2) a defense 3) a running back. 4) a #1 WR. Besides that the Bears are GOLDEN! SUPER BEARS SUPER BOWL!

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