A Sensible Packer Fan

Bears players and fans know that the whole world is against us this week.  Seems everyone in the world believes the Bears don’t have a chance to stop the juggernaut that is the 2010 Packers.  So it was refreshing to see the following comment from a Packer fan on www.profootballtalk.com on the post Let the Buildup Begin:

As excited as I was Saturday night that excitement was gone by Sunday morning. Let’s not forget who we have to play on Sunday and where. That Chicago defense is a menace and their going to have their home crowd to juice them up. Our defense can cause havoc as well but Cutler will have the luxury of operating a Mike Martz offense in the equivalent of NFL silence. Their base 4-3 gave us fits in week 17. You can throw out the tape for week 3 because these are two totally different teams now. Notice I said their base 4-3. They didn’t do much of anything to pressure rodgers with anyone else. They didn’t need to. They dropped seven and got good pressure on Arod with their front four. The best way to attack a cover 2 is to run and have success. Well teams dont run on the feckin bears and teams that have no running game certainly dont. This isnt Philadelphia. This isnt a 70 degree dome. This week is absolutely not a given and I honestly cannot believe they are favored. I promise you scoring 10 points at home 2 weeks ago against this team will not be good enough in that hostile spaceship. Wind will wreck havoc on our passing game so lets pray there isnt much. Special teams matchups?? Thats laughable. Curb your enthusiasm. These players need to be humbled some.

Thanks “supersuckers3″ for at least giving the Bears a shot to step on the same field with the Packers.

And another from “sprtsfan1″ that points out it is the Packer fans that are showing little class in giving the Bears zero chance:

Anybody who is talking trash thinking their team is going to run away with this game is an ignorant fool. The Pack is good all around , there’s no denying that. The Bears are good as well, that’s the only way they can get to this level. The Pack only scored 10 points on the Bears when they were playing for their lives and the Bears were playing for nothing. This is going to be an epic game. Could go either way, but I give the slight edge to the Packers for their Offensive prowess, but I’m hoping the Bears pull this one out just because Packers fans are acting like complete jack asses. If you really think you will blow out the Bears, you didn’t watch the two games you played against them this year.

And finally, “Jimmysee” sums up the way I also feel about this game (other than Go Pack Go of course):

I’m a lifelong Packers fan — sold hot dogs at Packers games at County Stadium in the 60′s.

I have no idea who is going to win this epic match-up.

And truth be told, if the Bears walk away winners, I’ll say “good going” and be cheering for them big time in the Super Bowl.

Go Pack Go!

Nobody in the world but us will give the Bears a chance.  Packer defensive lineman B.J. Raji told the Chicago Tribune this morning that he thinks the Bears offensive line (stinks).  I know Bears players are taking note of all this.

UPDATE: I might as well start a thread dedicated to the Packers dissing the Bears.  Here’s a tweet from Ryan Grant, injured Packers running back:

“Pack Fans might want 2 start booking flights 4 feb. Not looking ahead but u c we just have better players than other teams.”

Keep the slights coming, Packers.


10 Responses to “A Sensible Packer Fan”

  1. Roy, I went to a Packers fan friend’s house on Saturday. He also had another buddy over there who is a huge Packer fan. Even they agreed the love for the Packers is way over the top. They will be the first one to tell you their special teams blow and they have no running game. Seriously, it’s not like in 94 when the 49ers had a huge edge on the Bears in every single category. The Packers have plenty of flaws. But, if the media wants to continue with the United States Packers chant, feel free. I need amusement, and the Bears need the motivation.

  2. F**k the Packers.

    Go Bears!

  3. One other thing to keep in mind, not that it’s going to make any difference to what happens on the field Sunday, is that when we played the Saints in the 2007 championship game at home, I clearly remember that similar to this year with the Packers, the national media was all over the Saints bandwagon and most people were predicting them to beat us.

    Lots of ‘experts’ were saying Brees was going to pick us apart and that they were the team of destiny, their offense couldn’t be contained, etc. Sounds real familiar to all of the Packers hype machine BS that’s been building for weeks. Against the Saints we rolled to a 16-0 lead before they came back a little, then we blew the doors off. Not saying that’s going to play out exactly the same this time around, but just keep that in mind as we hear all the media blabbering this week.

  4. Grabber, I already watched that game yesterday to remind me. The whole country was behind NO because of Katrina and all the other crap. Yet, the blowhards forgot to point out the Saints had a so-so defense, and their running game on the road wasn’t very good. Same thing with the Packers flaws being crappy on special teams and no running game. But, let’s not focus on that. The United States Packers are awesome!

  5. C’mon, the Packers have that future hall of famer, James Starks. Surely the Bears are doomed. For all the talk about this guy, I just looked up his stats. 20 yards against the Bears in week 17. EIGHT yards against the LIONS a few weeks before that. He had ONE good game–good, not great–against Philly and then ran for a milk-toast 66 yards against Atlanta. Really? And he is yet to score a single touchdown? Yeah, the Bears will never stop this guy …

  6. I’m already sick and tired of hearing about how Aaron Rodgers is God and the Bears are the worst team in history to make the playoffs! If we lose, so what! None of us thought theyd be here, don’t get me wrong I’ll be disappointed but it’s been a pretty good season. Now if the Packers lose on the other hand, Packer Nation won’t be able to deal with it, and that would make for a great season! BEAR DOWN BOYS!

  7. I’m loving this Packer love from all over…I even have a Jaguars fan (yeah the Jaguars) at work telling me all about how great the Packers are (just regurgitated garbage from Sportscenter instead of free-thinking). All the hype surrounding this game is totally called for….perhaps the biggest sporting event (in Chicago) in recent Chicago history? I know there have been World Series games, Stanley Cup games, NBA Championships won in Chicago, all very recently…but this just seems to transcend those for some reason. Maybe I’m crazy, but I’m just looking forward to a hell of a game in 5 days. BEAR DOWN!

  8. It looks like the Bear fans are doing more talking than anybody. They act like Rodgers performed a drop kick on that Cancer patient while texting his penis to Jen Sterger “Chicago Jets” much. This isn’t an election so how about we wait for the game to be played and then open the cake holes. Stop ruining the excitement with mud slinging. Good luck Chicago. Go Pack!

  9. Realist once again you’re back to reading half of what I write. The Bears are the underdogs here-America and the world want the Packers to win, and Packer players (Donald Driver, Ryan Grant) have already stated that the Bears might as well not even show up for the game. We’re rightly offended by this, and this is the place to vent about it. All this post asks for is what you’re saying-shouldn’t we see what happens on Sunday before Packer players tell the world they’ve already won?

  10. Oh man, I am so frikkin’ excited.