A Great Bears Opening Day

A long day and a very early Monday precludes me from posting more. But wow, what an opening day. Yes, it was the Indianapolis Colts that are not quite ready for prime time. Everyone agrees that Andrew Luck will come back and make fools of anyone that would say he looked bad today. He’s a rookie in his first game, and he’s going to be a great one.

One statement. I’ve been a Bear fan for something like 34 years. I’m thankful that I saw the 1985 Bears with my own eyes. The 1985-1990 offensive line was one for the ages. The 2012 version is a work in progress. But I can honestly say, even in 1995 when the 1995 Chicago Bears offense set team records, this is the first time in my 34 years of being a fan that this offense might have a chance of scaring opposing defenses.

Yes, Curtis Conway and Jeff Graham both caught passes for over 1,000 yards in 1995. Yes, Marcus Robinson set team records in 1999, and Marty Booker was formidable in 2001 and 2002.

None of them were Brandon Marshall. Never in my years of watching the team have I seen a top-15 quarterback playing for the BEARS throw over and over to a true #1 wide receiver and the defense could not stop it.

Now I wonder how Jerry Angelo and the Bears organization went for how many decades…one or two…thinking they could win without a #1 receiver.

Let’s watch it unfold. This was not a good opponent. The Colts will be good. But I loved what I saw today.

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  1. agree 100% Roy. Most fun opener in a long time! It really is beautiful to watch an offense playing so well. Keep it going this Thurs. @ GB. Let’s drop them to 0-2!

  2. I’ve been watching since about ’83, and in all that time I don’t ever recall a Bears QB hitting six different receivers in one game. This should be an exciting year if this continues.

  3. Excellent, excellent start to the season and even Cutler and Lovie are telling you guys to keep the noise down.

    We got the game live in the UK and that is the most comfortable i’ve ever watched the Bears. Marshall looks a class act but I hope Cutler realises that there are other receivers he can throw the ball to. Some of the passes were cutting it fine to say the least.

    Thursday night (Friday Morning for me) I expect normal nail biting service to resume.

    Go Bears (and smash the Pack)

  4. I also can never remember a Bears offense that scared any opposing defense. Yes it was the Colts, but I like this!

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