8-7-12 Chicago Bears Quick Hits

Good God, Rashied Davis is back with the Chicago Bears. Many longtime readers will remember my frustrations at Davis’ dropped passes, particularly during the 2008 season. I heard an interview with Davis this evening on the score. Seems like a great person and is an accomplished special teamer. For God’s sake, just keep him away from the offense.

Not only does it seem that former first-round pick Chris Williams will not be the starter at left tackle, but he might not even make the 2012 roster. I kind of doubt that because he’d be a good swing tackle in case of injury. But it’s a shame to see a decent first-round pick fail. At least the Bears didn’t trade up for Derrick Harvey that season (taken 8th overall by Jacksonville, now cut from his second team).

Concern is building over the continued absences of Brian Urlacher from practice (even though Lovie Smith downplayed it as a non-issue today.)

2012 free agent pickup Devin Thomas, expected to excel on special teams, abruptly quit football on Sunday.

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  1. I think Rashied Davis will really help out the ST, but I don’t think he’ll see much, if any, time @ WR. Just too deep there, barring injury of course. Interesting to hear that about C. Williams. Never heard before that he’d be a possible cut/trade. It seems to me like James Brown has really come on in practice, maybe that’s the reason for the speculation? Can’t wait for Thur. nite!!

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