8-3-12 Chicago Bears Quick Hits

Latest developments on the Bears from the Chicago Tribune and Chicago Sun-Times, credit going where credit is due.

Sophomore DT Stephen Paea is turning heads, likely earning the starting nose tackle job in 2012. In 2011 at the night game versus the Vikings, I watched Paea enter the game for the first time as Minnesota was backed up against their own end zone. Paea went on to pressure the quarterback heavily on successive plays, the second being a safety. Liked this guy a lot ever since.

Lance Louis is settling back in at guard after starting most of 2011 at right tackle.

J’Marcus Webb (2010 seventh round pick) seems to have beaten out 2008 first-round pick Chris Williams for the starting left tackle spot. Whomever wins the job is fine, but honestly I was pulling for Williams to prove he was worth the high pick. And Webb better not stink it up again this year.

4 Responses to “8-3-12 Chicago Bears Quick Hits”

  1. I don’t think (I hope) that pass protection won’t come into play as much this year with better WRs and healthy RBs, along with no 7-step drops. Thanks Mike Martz.

  2. just have to hope Webb really improves, I was hoping Chris Williams would win the LT spot, and also that Paea continues his success from last year.

  3. Did Louis play LT last year? I thought he was at RT.

  4. Gaahrrh…thanks Kenneth. You know how sometimes your brain is thinking one thing while your hands type something else. Yes, of course he was at RT after Carimi was hurt and Omiyale flamed out for the third time.

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