2013 Chicago Bears Schedule

The 2013 Chicago Bears schedule was released last night. I have my thoughts-would like to hear yours.

What is interesting to me:

- Great to see two games at home to start the season for the first time since 1999. I’m afraid to ask when the other shoe is going to drop. I had been complaining that for years, the Bears started on the road and the majority of their games at home were late in the season. While dome and warm-weather teams played at home early in the season. Glad to catch a break for the 2nd year in a row.

- First Thursday Night Football game in Chicago since 2008 I believe. This is going to screw with my workweek.

- Monday nights at hated Green Bay and at home against the hated Cowboys. I’m hoping the December game against Dallas will be as frigid as the 2008 game on MNF vs the Packers-the coldest game in Chicago history. That was cool. No pun intended.

- Bears wrap up the season at home against Green Bay. Let’s hope the game is meaningful-for once.

3 Responses to “2013 Chicago Bears Schedule”

  1. I was eyeing a road Trip to St. Louis as I thought it was Thanksgiving weekend. Of course, it was the week before.

  2. Hopefully we get off to a good start & win those division games.

  3. St. Louis and Cleveland might be the only “gimme” games. Even still, this is a brutal schedule on paper. Let’s find out how good we really are. Bring ‘em on.

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